World Axe Throwing Champion: 2018 Wildcard Announcment

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Crowning a True World Champion: 2018 Wildcard

As we continue to take further steps in growing the sport of urban axe throwing, our duty and mandate to the community is to ensure that when we conduct our tournaments and World Championship, that we consider all options in determining a true champion. This tenet of “crowning the best” means that as a governing body, we recognize that there are talented axe throwers all over the world, participating in leagues that are not affiliated with WATL or participating and training in their own backyard. We want to crown a champion, regardless of where, how or who they throw for. This is why we’re going to be opening up the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) Championship going forward, to allow independent axe throwers to compete for 3 wildcard spots in Chicago on the evening of December 14th and the morning of December 15th.

The 2018 WATL Championship will be the biggest axe throwing tournament and event in the history of the sport. It will be aired live on ESPN3 on December 15th, and subsequently aired on ESPN2. We have debated internally and discussed the best approach to identify how to best select the (at least 3) wildcard spots. Here’s the approach that we found to be the most fair and equitable: we will hold a double elimination tournament for 16 eligible participants on December 15th, starting at 10:00am to determine who will win the 3 wildcard spots and be able to compete in the WATL Championship.

Here are the details on how WATL will conduct registration and the double elimination tournament:

  1. Open Registration: registration is now CLOSED
  2. Please fill out the form so we have your full registration details when you arrive.
    • Please note:
      • i) we will not be able to register new participants on-site
      • ii) All registered participants will pay on site in Chicago – the fee for qualifying registration is $100 (USD)
      • iii) The top sixteen qualifiers will have an additional $125 fee charged to participate in the bracketed Wild Card Tournament.
      • iv) The top three in the Wild Card Tournament will all go on to compete in the Championship
      • v) All Open Registration participants will have a guaranteed ticket to the 2018 World Championship viewing on ESPN
  3. 40 Throws: After completing the on-site registration, participants will be required to throw 40 throws. On every tenth throw, participants may go for the killshot.
    • In case we have more than 16 registered participants, the top 16 scores will make it through to the double elimination tournament
    • The 40 throws are to be done during these times:
      • Friday: December 14th, 5pm-10pm
      • Saturday: December 15th, 8:30am – 9:30am
      • Please note: due to time constraints faced in having a large production and being on ESPN, no exceptions will be made for the 40 qualifying throws outside of the dedicated time slots
  4. Tournament: when WATL has ranked the top 16 throwers from the open registration, the double elimination tournament will begin at 10am sharp on December 15th for the wildcard spots
Once the double elimination tournament is complete, we will then proceed with the schedule as listed on the ESPN WATL Tournament page.
We sincerely look forward to opening up WATL to throwers who do not have a WATL facility near them and would like to participate in the largest event in the history of axe throwing.

UPDATE 11/15/18

Due to the feedback we’ve received from many throwers, we’ve decided to lower the entry fee for this wild card tournament. We understand that with the holidays around the corner it wasn’t a good time for throwers to be able to make the tournament.
So we’re now doing a 2-step entry fee instead of the full $225 fee for all entrants.
For coming and participating in the qualifiers it will be $100. Should you make it to the top 16 and want to move forward in the bracketed Wild Card tournament there will be another $125 added to compete for a spot in the World Championships.
This way we’re able to have many people come and try their hand at it and hopefully get some true good competition so we can get the best of the best represented here at our 2nd annual World Axe Throwing Championship

UPDATE 12/3/18

Due to the requests we’ve received from many throwers regarding the potential of having sponsorship for the wildcard, here is the information you need to know about sponsorship.

Wildcard participants will potentially be able to wear sponsored apparel in the tournament on the ESPN broadcast but they will need approval ahead of time. If there are any logos or graphics that either conflict with ESPN‘s major sponsors or the contract we have with them then we can’t have those worn at our tournament.

Unless it is approved, it’s best to try and wear plain clothes.  If any participant wears anything that is not approved then we will require the participant to purchase a WATL shirt to compete in.

If you have a potential sponsor, fill out this form by Dec 5th

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