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Certified Craftsman Program

Who is the Certified Craftsman program for?

The Certified Craftsman program helps create a marketplace for buyers and sellers. There is a proven need for custom axes in WATL, and the CC program will help make the purchasing process easier. It will provide easier access to WATL support for Craftspeople and will allow buyers to find a Craftsman that suits their needs. This program is for that passionate group in our community, who the WATL would like to give a larger spotlight.

WATL Certified Craftsman

Who is a WATL Certified Craftsman?

A Certified Craftsman is a 3rd party axe seller who customizes WATL axes. They are business owners and/or individuals that have extensive experience in customizing, restoring, and maintaining axes.

Benefits we will be offering for Certified Craftsmen

  • A discounted rate on WATL products
  • License to resell customized axes at their own price point
  • Listing on the WATL website to their online store or email contact information
  • A chance to compete in the Craftsmen of the Year Awards

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