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Certified Craftsman Program

We’re breaking new ground at the WATL and we are proud to announce the Certified Craftsman Program.

There are so many talented axe throwers who also create amazing pieces of art. The WATL has created a way to better support and share their craftsmanship with a wider audience.

The Certified Craftsman Program will also benefit throwers, who will be able to readily access a network of qualified Craftsmen to find limited-edition or one-of-a-kind throwing axes.

Our WATL Certified Craftsman

Who is a WATL Certified Craftsman?

A Certified Craftsman is a 3rd party axe seller who customizes WATL axes. They are business owners and/or individuals that have extensive experience in customizing, restoring, and maintaining axes. Purchases made through the Certified Craftsman Program are arranged between the buyer and the Craftsman.

Benefits we offer to Certified Craftsmen

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