World Axe Throwing League Certified Distributors

June 18th, 2020

The World Axe Throwing League is proud to have a Certified Distributor Program. Being a member of the World Axe Throwing League has always and will continue to give great perks to its members.

With the Certified Distributors Program, WATL affiliates are able to get the lowest rates on poplar and cottonwood boards anywhere in North America. These rates will be exclusive to WATL members and not available through direct channels. We know wood is the largest expense for WATL members, and we want to set our affiliates up for success with this program. Cottonwood lasts an average of 7 to 9 times longer than traditional SPF boards.

Exclusive programs offered to our affiliates:

  • Discounted wood ordering
  • Axe throwing insurance
  • Certified trainers
  • Certified builders

    WATL Affiliates can order via these distributors through the Affiliate Portal.