our mission

Our Mission

Throw. Connect. Inspire.

To promote axe throwing as a way to connect people, inspire athletes, and foster a global community dedicated to growth, competition, and integrity.

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League Dates 2024

  • Season 1
    Jan 6 - Mar 17
  • Season 2
    Apr 6 - Jun 9
  • Season 3
    Jun 29 - Sep 1
  • Season 4
    Sep 21 - Dec 1

WATL® 2023 Tournament Dates

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  • Standardized Rules
    • WATL® offers standardized rules and regulations for competition amongst players on a global scale.
    • These official standards include throwing distance, scoring for regular and tie-breaker play, official tournament and league structures, minimum and maximum participant requirements for competitive play, target design, required equipment, and more.
  • Leagues
    • WATL® hosts 4 seasonal leagues each year which are open to throwers of all skill levels.
    • Throwers from around the world can compete in these sanctioned leagues and be ranked on the Official Leaderboards to have a shot at the World Championship held annually.
    • These events provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to practice and compete in a fun and supportive environment.
  • Tournaments
    • WATL® works with affiliated venues to host dozens of local and global tournaments each year. These events allow throwers to compete for cash prizes, and a chance at the World Championship held annually.
    • The WATL® Tournament Circuit also hosts multiple televised events throughout the year that are aired on ESPN® and replayed hundreds of times after airing.
    • WATL® offers an extensive Tournament Hub where you’ll find a calendar of events, breakdown of competition regions, and extensive tournament resources for competitors.
  • Safety Protocols & Procedures
    • We promote safety across all axe throwing facilities recognized by WATL® by providing guidelines for equipment maintenance, axe throwing techniques, and safety protocols. We also offer certification programs for coaches and judges, as well as explicit code of conduct procedures that all affiliated venues and throwers must adhere to. WATL® works to ensure that axe throwing remains a safe and enjoyable sport for everyone involved.
  • Leaderboard
    • WATL® has the most advanced axe throwing software on the market, which maintains a leaderboard of competitors based on their performance in WATL®-sanctioned events. The leaderboard tracks each participant's total points earned, number of matches played, win-loss record, overall win percentage, and more. The top-ranked throwers on the WATL leaderboard compete annually in the WATL® World Championship event.
  • About Us
    • The operational team at WATL® works hard to ensure that the sport of axe throwing is safe, fun, and competitive. Our team members manage sanctioned league and tournaments, provide support and resources to our Affiliates, and offer direct customer service to all of our throwers.
    • Alongside our operations team, the WATL® Council is a group of elected volunteers from the axe throwing community that oversee the direction and development of the sport. This includes decisions regarding rule changes, event organization, and community outreach. The council works to ensure that WATL® remains a fair and inclusive organization that promotes the growth of the sport of axe throwing.
  • Membership
    • Membership is open to anyone and requires completion of an application and payment of a monthly fee. Once a member, venues can participate in local and global competitions, access WATL®’s educational resources, and be ranked on the organization's online leaderboard. Venues can also benefit from affiliation with WATL®, including promotion of events and access to training programs for coaches and judges.
    • Throwers wishing to participate in WATL® leagues and tournaments can use our interactive map to find affiliated venues hosting leagues, or the Tournament Hub for upcoming tournaments in their area.
  • Promotion & Growth
    • WATL® exists to promote axe throwing as a professional sport by bringing together axe throwing clubs from around the world. WATL® standardizes the sport of axe throwing - with official league rules, strict safety protocols, staff training, and everything in between. By facilitating the World Axe Throwing Championships, we continue to celebrate and nurture the growth of this global sport. Founded in 2017, it has grown rapidly, with leagues and tournaments held in countries around the world and over 500 affiliate locations.

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