World Axe Throwing League Official Coach Certification

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World Axe Throwing League Official Coach Certification

The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) has been growing at an explosive pace this past year. In our mission in being the number 1 global governing body & league for the sport of urban axe throwing, we’ve been working on many new initiatives to progress axe throwing into a professional and mainstream sport. Our most recent advancement is bringing the World Axe Throwing League Official Safety & Coach Certification.

As you know, WATL currently offers standardized rules and regulations for competition amongst axe throwing athletes on a global scale. These official standards include throwing distance, scoring for regular and tie-breaker play, official tournament structure, minimum and maximum participant requirements for competitive play, target design, required equipment, etc… But as we grow we would like to make sure that we offer the same league experience across all of our 100+ affiliated locations across the globe.

This is why we’re proud to announce the World Axe Throwing League Official Coach certification.

All professional sports have certified officials to know and facilitate the rules and safety standards of the organization they represent, and our Official Coaches will be the same. The sport of Axe Throwing deserves professional representation and WATL is going to set the standard across the globe with a continually evolving set of certification processes that will be renewed each year as the rules & sport evolve.

Currently, WATL Official Coach certification is only available to affiliates and their employees. We will be reviewing and confirming each certification with the location they will be representing to make sure they are representing the correct location.

To start the application for becoming a World Axe Throwing League Official Coach, please enter your email and the WATL affiliated location you intend to represent below, and we will reach back out as to the next steps for certification.

After confirmation from our affiliates, the applicant will then receive a test to be completed that will test the applicant’s knowledge on running WAT Leagues, recommended safety practices, coaching axe throwing, and general World Axe Throwing League knowledge.

Upon completion with a passing score, the name of the WATL Official Coach will be given an official number unique to them, and they will be added to the WATL Coach Certification database as an official coach as well as online for their representative locations. They will also receive a certificate electronically that can be printed while also being sent an official patch that can be placed on the affiliate website.

With this new wave of professional standardization, the World Axe Throwing League will continue to progress forward, serving the near-one hundred affiliates all over the world.

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