World Axe Throwing League Official Coach Certification

October 15th, 2018

Our goal at the World Axe Throwing League is not only to foster the growth of our sport but to help ensure the safety of the public and the axe throwing community. Through the WATL Coach Certification we hope that the resources we provide can help you or your staff become the best axe throwing coaches possible. We’ll give you a total breakdown of an axe throwing event, what you should be doing along the way and a ton of useful information to help everyone fall in love with our amazing sport by the time they leave your venue. In the Axe Coaching Certification Program you’ll learn:

Important Axe Knowledge

You’ll learn about the anatomy of an axe, different types of axes, how to handle axe and who should be using different types of axes.

Customer Service 

Customer Service is the most important part of your job after making sure everyone has followed your safety instructions. In the customer service module we offer a ton of helpful information not only to remind you about your kindness but also help all of your customers get the most out of each time they step up to the lane. Some of this will include tailoring your coaching styles to the groups and even individual people. Make them feel special and they’ll want to come back or recommend you as a coach to all their friends. It’s a win-win! We also touch on some common qualities of perennially successful coaches.


Some people may arrive at your facility with the incorrect notion that axe throwing is dangerous in some way. We want to make sure the very first thing we do when they arrive is to put them at ease so they simply get to enjoy their time. We’ll address issues surrounding unsafe conduct, de-escalating potentially unsafe situations and lane safety instructions. You’ll even get a fun and informative safety speech that you can tailor to fit your personality.

Axe Care & Maintenance

While we want to take care of the customers it’s also important to touch on the business aspect of axe throwing. You’ll learn about some best practices for maintaining axes, when to change boards and how to maximize the life of your resources to save on costs.

Axe Throwing Techniques

There are many different throwing styles, not all of them will work for each person. We’ll give you a breakdown on each technique. Recommendations for the type of customer and how to make all the adjustments so that they stick the axe by the end of the session.

Coaching for Youth, Elderly and those with Accessibility Needs

Axe throwing is a very inclusive sport and lends itself better to a strength requirement than an age requirement. Occasionally be coaching some customers who might need some extra guidance.

We touch on coaching people with accessibility needs, including mobility and visual impairment and we give you a quick walkthrough on how to help them enjoy their time.

A Full Event Walkthrough

Lastly we’ll offer you a dry run on exactly what your event should look like from start to finish and what we’ve found works best over hundreds of thousands of customers.

Once you complete the Axe Coaching Certification Program from WATL, you’ll be able to move on to the WATL Judge Certification Program where you’ll be able to learn the nuances of leagues and be able to officiate WATL sanctioned leagues and tournaments.

In order to apply and participate in the WATL Coach Certification program, click on the button below. Our team will then send you an invoice for for the cost of the quiz; upon payment, we’ll then send you a link to complete the Coach Certification Quiz.

The Coach Certification Quiz is priced as follows:
          WATL Affiliated Venues: $85USD each
          Non-WATL Affiliated Venues: $175USD each

Upon successful completion of the quiz you’ll be sent a certificate with your name and date of completion, signifying that you are a WATL Certified Coach. With this certification, we’re certain that you will have a greater understanding of how to conduct events, ensure your customers are kept safe and leave your customers with an experience where they will want to keep coming back.

“We wanted to let the WATL staff know my WATL Coach Certification that I received in January definitely paid off yesterday when the governor of the state of Maryland, Larry Hogan, stopped by to throw an axe at Fore Axes in Cumberland Maryland. My man nailed the Bull’s Eye… Our staff LOVE the WATL videos. Just like you say in your videos everyone sticks an Axe and so far from age 12 to 88 ALL have stuck the axe. THANK YOU WATL! ”

– Kevin Watson, Fore Axes.