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How to Build an Axe Throwing Target at Home

Do you want to practice for the league a bit more but you don't have time to make it to your local venue? We're here to help you get some practice in at home with some instruction on building your ...

How To Build An Axe Throwing Venue

Opening an axe throwing facility can be an exciting venture, but it requires careful planning and execution to ensure success. Here are the steps you should consider when opening an axe throwing ...

The 10 Best Throwing Axes of 2024 - Throwing Axe Guide

When it comes to throwing axes, there's no single axe that is objectively the best. The best throwing axe ultimately depends on your individual skill and preferences, as well as what you plan to use t...

WATL Council Members

While most everyone knows who we are as WATL, we wanted to introduce these members and show a little bit about them and who they are. The WATL council members are members of the axe throwing community...

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