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Dec 15th on ESPN


Compete on live TV to win $5000 and a chance
at the world championship!

The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) is the largest professional association for axe throwing in the world. We have 70+ members, in 13 countries, in 100+ cities and growing! WATL is responsible for the organization of axe throwing’s major international tournaments, notably the World Axe Throwing Championship.

This year, the World Axe Throwing Championship is made of the top 64 axe throwers in the world. All coming together on one day to represent their local regions, take home the trophy, and make history by claiming the title of ‘World Axe Throwing Champion’.

Tournament Details:


Bad Axe Throwing
CHICAGO, IL (Lake View Location)
2828 N Clark St Atrium Level

Friday, Dec 14th

5PM - 9PM
Check-In and Free throwing
Here Champions and friends can check in early, grab their free WATL gear and throw some axes! Meet old friends and make new ones! A fun gathering to let loose some pre-tournament jitters and axes of course! hat have all come together for this historic event in axe throwing!

Saturday, Dec 15th

10 AM - 12 PM
Sign in
For those who can't make it Friday evening we'll have last minute sign in's before the tournament! Sorry no free throws though.

12:30 PM - 1 PM
Player Orientation and Q&A.
The Commissioner of WATL, Evan Walters, will be going over the rules and regulations of the tournament. Things may be slightly different than your local leagues so now is the time to learn and make sure everyone is on the same page.

2 PM - 6 PM
The World Axe throwing Championship live on ESPN3!
Ending in the Crowing of the 2018 World Axe Throwing Champion

Will you able to defeat last years World Axe Throwing
Champion, and claim the title?

Chris Morning

2017 World Axe Throwing Champion
Chris Morning

Location: Oranville, Ontario
Winter - Summer Seasons 2018
  • Total Matches: 84
  • Avg Points per Match: 54.9
  • Bullseye % : 75.5
  • Potential Score Avg: 90.06%

World Axe Throwing League Affiliates Represented

  • Bad Axe Throwing
  • Houston Axe
  • Axes and Allies
  • Tribal Axe
  • Autobahn Axe Throwing
  • Hatchet Jacks
  • Halimac
  • Ironside Axe Club
  • Prodigious Entertainment
  • Rockaxe City Throwing Club
  • Tom O'Hawks
  • The Wood Shed
  • Jack Axes
  • Oregon Axe Throwing
  • The Axe House
  • Bull's Eye Axe Throwing
  • Main Street Axe Throwing
  • Blades & Boards
  • Bury The Hatchet
  • Angry Axe
  • LumberAxe

See where the axe throwing masters are representing on the World Stage!

Hotel Versey - Chicago Majestic Hotel - Chicago City Suites Hotel Hotel Lincoln

Be sure to mention The World Axe Throwing Championship for special rates while rooms are available

Hosted By:

Bad Axe Throwing
Crowning a True World Champion: 2018 Wildcard

Crowning a True World Champion: 2018 Wildcard

As we continue to take further steps in growing the sport of urban axe throwing, our duty and mandate to the community is to ensure that when we conduct our tournaments and World Championship, that...

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