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Unifying the sport of axe throwing

Axe throwing isn't just a unique recreational activity; it is a competitive sport. By uniting axe throwing facilities from around the world under one professional axe throwing association, we can elevate the sport of axe throwing to the next level.

Working in tandem with an expanding network of independent axe throwing facilities, we can provide a conduit allowing them to communicate with each other and help establish standardized rules and regulations for the sport.

Inception Of the World Axe Throwing League

As the sport of axe throwing is trending and expanding internationally, we noticed that many axe facilities followed similar business practices and axe throwing rules. However, there wasn't much communication between the axe throwing clubs. WATL created a forum for all axe-throwing venues to standardize official rules, reach a level of harmony and legitimize axe throwing as a professional sport.

WATL's goals & objectives

The World Axe Throwing League exists to promote axe throwing as a professional sport by bringing together axe throwing clubs. WATL standardizes the sport of axe throwing - with official league rules, strict safety protocols, staff training, and everything in between. By facilitating the World Axe Throwing Championships, we continue to celebrate and nurture the growth of this global sport.

World Axe Throwing Champions

2021 Hatchet Champion

Mike Philabaum
Mountain Man Axe Throwing

2021 Big Axe Champion

Mark Mirasol
The Lazy Axe

2021 Duals Champions

Hayden Brown
Lucas Johnson

2020 Big Axe Champion

Zach Crawford
TimberBeast Axe Throwing

2020 Duals Champions

Lucas Johnson
Hayden Brown
Murfreesboro Axe

2020 Hatchet Champion

Ryan Smit
Tribal Axe

2019 Duals Champions

Mike Kump
Will Gelatko
Chopper’s Hatchet House

2019 Hatchet Champion

Sam Carter

2018 Hatchet Champion

Benjamin Edgington
Bad Axe Throwing

International Axe Throwing Day

June 13

The World Axe Throwing League runs International Axe Throwing Day. World Axe Throwing Day is for everyone around the globe who share our passion for axe throwing. The World Axe Throwing League celebrates International Axe Throwing Day to raise awareness and unify axe throwing as a bonafide sport. As fun and offbeat as this sport is - Axe Throwing is an inclusive activity everyone can enjoy. We bring together all WATL Axe Throwing Clubs from around the world to celebrate the sport.

WATL Commissioner
Mike Morton

Mike Morton, like many throwers, got hooked on throwing axes after hitting his first bullseye at a group event in 2017.

He immediately joined his local league, was adopted into an amazing axe family, formed lasting friendships, and expanded his involvement from simply participating, to organizing and running larger scale events.

During the pandemic Mike and two friends, Tristan and Gavin, operated a virtual league called QATL (Quarantine Axe Throwing League) with the support of WATL. The three of them organized virtual leagues that connected more than 300 throwers worldwide over video calls and social media to help keep the sport alive while venues were closed.

As a result of those efforts, Mike was invited to join the WATL Council in 2020, acting as a representative of the WATL thrower community and advocating for their needs.

In 2021 Mike joined the WATL team, and in January of 2022 he was officially named the WATL Commissioner. He views this role as an opportunity to grow the sport by supporting the community of throwers and venues.

WATL Founder
Mario Zelaya

The sport of urban axe throwing is trending and expanding internationally. Mario noticed that many indoor urban axe throwing facilities, mostly in Canada, followed similar business practices and axe throwing rules. However, there wasn’t much communication between axe venues. Mario felt that we needed to create a forum for these facilities to open the floor for discussion on standardizing official rules and regulations to reach a level of harmony and legitimize indoor axe throwing as a sport. That way, by working together, we could put axe throwing on par with other major sports.

“Because of the strong demand for the sport of urban axe throwing, we’re establishing a World Axe Throwing League – similar to what you would expect for the NHL, UFC, NBA, MLB, etc.,” said Mario Zelaya, League Chairman and founder.

The WATL Council

The WATL council members are members of the axe throwing community who are volunteering their time to help progress the World Axe Throwing League new heights

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