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Introducing: The World Axe Throwing League Professional League

Today the World Axe Throwing League Professional League (WATL Pro League) is being founded to help identify and recognize the top competitors in the sport of Axe Throwing. Competitors will participate in the WATL Leagues with other players, but will have additional rules in place in order to maintain Pro League status.


  1. WATL Pro League players change twice per year and are determined by the Top 64 players in Circuit Points total before the Winter and Summer Seasons, who have met all other eligibility requirements
    1. Each half year of WATL Pro League is defined as a Cycle
    2. Members of the first WATL Pro League Cycle (January to June 2021) will be determined by:
      1. The Top 32 throwers at the 2020 World Axe Throwing Championship (WATC)
      2. The Top 32 scores from an Open Qualifier (Tryout) in December 2020, after the 2020 WATC
  2. To become eligible or maintain eligibility for the following Pro League cycle:
    1. Throwers must compete in 1 WATL League Season and 1 Major or Televised Tournament per cycle
      1. If a player resides more than 3000km (primary residence to venue) from all Major or Televised Tournaments for during the cycle they are exempt from the tournament requirement
    2. Throwers must abide by all WATL Rules & Regulations, including but not limited to, the Code of Conduct
      1. Any gross misconduct will result in forfeiture of Pro League status
    3. Pro League members or those wishing to enter Pro League are required to have a seasonal leaderboard placing in the Top 100 throwers in at least one season per cycle
    4. Pro League members or those wishing to enter Pro League must throw Kill Shots in at least 50% of instances during league play
      1. Players may choose which matches and which throws to throw a Kill Shot
        1. Players must finish each season with at least 28 Kill Shots attempted
    5. If ANY eligibility requirements fail to be met by the top 64 throwers in the Circuit Point rankings, throwers beginning at 65th place in the Circuit Point rankings can be considered for inclusion in Pro League in descending order to fill 64 Pro League spots each Cycle
      1. If not enough players meet eligibility requirements Pro League may include less than 64 players per Cycle
  1. Pro League members will have notations on the global leaderboard.
  2. Pro League Play:
    1. Members of the WATL Pro League will follow regular league play against local league members and will not undergo special pairing against Pro League other members
      1. Pairings will continue to be done automatically through the WATL app
  3. Pro League Benefits:
    1. Automatic entry into any WATL sanctioned Major Tournament
    2. The highest eight placing members of WATL Pro League each season, who have not already earned an automatic bid from a previous season, will be awarded automatic bids the World Axe Throwing Championship
      1. In order to maintain automatic bids, players must throw in at least one additional league during the calendar year
        1. Not applicable for players who earn bids during Fall Season
        2. Not applicable for players who are unable to compete in subsequent seasons due to injury or situations outside their control
        3. Not applicable to players who’s venue is unable to produce enough players for subsequent seasons
    3. Pro League Members acquire an additional 25% Circuit Points from leaderboard placings after each season
      1. ie. Placing 13th Overall
        1. Non Pro League Player: 300 Circuit Points
        2. Pro League Player: 375 Circuit Points

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