2023 Craftsman Award Winners

April 6th, 2023

The votes have been tallied, counted, and checked (just like Santa does, TWICE). We have the winners for this year’s Craftsman Awards!

The talent in this community is exceptional, and is shown with the passion each of these Craftsmen have for not only the sport, but their craft!

Putting your work out for others to vote on is essentially putting your heart and soul out to be judged. WATL recognizes each entry as a reminder that the sport we love, is loved by each of you just as deeply!

Looking for an original design? Use the link below to show your support and purchase an axe or sheath from A Certified Craftsman!

Can we have a drum roll please…


Community Choice – Axe

Mountain Axe Works – Josh Eggert

Community Choice – Sheath

Triple Axe Leather Works – Kris Sivak

Best Axe – Juried

Mountain Axe Works – Josh Eggert

Thank you to all Craftsmen who participated in the 2023 Craftsman Awards. We cannot wait to see your outstanding creations next year!