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2022 WATC Fall League Pro Bids

WATL is pleased to announce the WATC Bid Winners from the 2022 Fall League season. Pro League will reset in 2023, with qualifying details included below.

We look forward to seeing all of our bid-winning pros throughout the year at this year’s WATC in December.

Congratulations to everyone listed, the skill level continues to grow, and earning your place as a Pro, or earning your Bid, continues to get tougher and tougher!

Our team is currently hard at work assigning year-end circuit points – please expect the full list of WATC Bid Winners shortly.

Without further ado – your Fall Pro Bids go to:

Brandon JohnsonJamie Hein
Brock GruenbergJeff Melton
Bryan CoxJoe Devine
Corben DeckerJose Ruiz
Dalton WilsonJT Malashevich
Damon ‘Iron Giant’ LathamMatt ‘Magic Man’ Bradshaw
Daniel AbarcaMatthew Allen
Darin BartholomewMark Titus
David CarrollRander Marquez
David ‘Grandma’ ClineTom Knapp
Gary ‘Dragon’ DayterVictor Ahluwalia
Glenn ‘The Reaper’ EddlemanZach ‘Zeus’ Crawford

Winter 2023 Pro Bids

The 2023 Winter Cohort of Pro League will comprise of:

Top 64 Finishers from WATC
Top 64 Finishers with 50% kills in Fall 2022 league (that did not get a pro status from WATC 2022)

2022 World Axe Throwing Championships

The Fox Cities Exhibition Center in Downtown Appleton will host WATC from December 1st to 4th.

The 2022 World Axe Throwing Championship is held in a single location with food, entertainment, and festivities all within the conjoined hotel and convention center.

This will be our largest tournament to date and we are excited to announce vendors, local destinations, and points of interest as we get closer to the date. The Championship will have something for everyone, whether throwing or spectating.

We have created a WATC/WKTC portal for all attendees.

This portal is your main point for player updates, pertinent tournament details, and discounted travel booking links for accommodations and flights will be located in this portal.