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World Axe Throwing Championship Announces Winner

The first annual World Axe Throwing Championship took place Wednesday December 13, 2017. Axe throwers from all over the world competed in the championship. The World Axe Throwing League Championship Announces  the Winner for 2017!

Competitors included Bad Axe Throwing,  The Wood ShedFar Shot Recreation, Tom O’Hawks and Bury the Hatchet. The regional champions from the fall season qualified to play in The World Axe Throwing League. Each local axe throwing facility included the top 2 players with the highest scores to go head to head.

Players competed for the ultimate title of World Axe Throwing League Champion AND a grand prize of $3500! Scores were calculated based on total points scored.

The leaderboard with your local champions

Regional Champs 2017

The full broadcast of this year’s World Axe Throwing League Championship. Commentary is brought to you by Evan Walters of The World Axe Throwing League Bad Axe Throwing.

After careful review of each participants submissions we are thrilled to announce The World Axe Throwing League Champion of 2017.

In third place, we have Mike Moore from Bury the Hatchet with 273 points

3rd Place - WATL Champ

In second place we have Jon Miller from Bad Axe Throwing with 274 points

2nd Place WATL Champ

The first ever World Axe Throwing League Champion for 2017 is Chris Morning from Far Shot Recreation with 277 points!


Leagues run for eight consecutive weeks for approximately $15/week. Players don’t need to have any previous skills or requirements. The next leagues will be starting January 15 or January 16 of 2018. Be sure to register at your local urban axe throwing club for your chance at next years WATL Championship.

Congrats to all the participants and of course to the big champ, Chris Morning! We’ll played gentlemen!