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World Axe Throwing League 2019 Year End Awards

With the 2019 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship finished up this past weekend we wanted to say another huge congratulations to Sam Carter for an unbelievable weekend of throwing. And also to Mike Kump & Will Gelatko for their impressive run in duals. If you weren’t in Tucson over the weekend to experience the amazing event we also acknowledged and gave awards to some of our greatest and most admirable competitors for the year of 2019. The awards were Most Improved Thrower, Community Ambassador Award, Rookie of the Year, Most Impressive Youth, Highest Ranked Female, Bull Master, Killshot King and Journeyman Award. We wanted to make sure that these players were recognized for their achievements even by those that weren’t able to attend the World Championship in Tucson.

WATL Journeyman Award – Cara Fritz

Cara travelled over 20,000 miles in 2019 to attend World Axe Throwing League events proving her dedication to the community and sport. Making appearances at the Canadian and US Opens, Throwdown Axe Festival in Colorado Springs, the South American Arnold and the 2019 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship she displays a remarkable love and commitment to the sport of axe throwing.

Most Improved Thrower – Ryan Smit

Throwing out of Tribal Axe in Virginia Beach, Ryan had the most impressive statistical improvement of any thrower in the shortest amount of time between the Summer and Fall season of 2019. Fighting through 140 of the league’s top throwers and more than doubling his bullseye percentage from 43% during Summer Season to nearly 88% in the Fall is unheard of in WATL competition. We can’t wait to see what marked improvements Ryan makes going into the 2020 season.

Summer Total: 1341
Summer Placement: 150
Fall Total: 1596
Fall Placement: 7
WATC Placement: Top 12

Community Ambassador Award – Dru Stoeffler

Dru constantly exemplifies the heart and soul of the axe throwing community. Because the sport of axe throwing is about much more than throwing axes at wood. Organizing get togethers at events, offering guidance to those who need it, being an active member of the community both on and offline, setting goals and other small acts of kindness are what make her a worthy recipient of the 2019 World Axe Throwing League Community Ambassador Award.

Rookie of the Year – Manny Kohl

This award was given to the most impressive and consistent performance by a rookie during the World Axe Throwing League in 2019. Manny held a season average of 1542 through three seasons of statistical tracking through the WATL App and never landing outside the Top 8 of any tournament he attended. Manny had a magical run during the 2019 US Open at his home venue Ironside Axe Club. It landed him a place on ESPN and some of the largest cheers ever heard at a World Axe Throwing League event.

Season Average: 1542
US Open Placement: 4
Throwdown Axe Festival Placement: Top 8
AngryWood Placement: 4
WATC Placement: Top 8

Most Impressive Youth Awards – Ella Campbell & Pnut Zamora

Both Ella and Pnut have displayed an exciting promise for the next generation of axe throwing competition. From the US Open and AngryWood to a battle for the ages at this year’s World Championship!

Highest Ranked Female – Kendra Kolomyja

Kendra receives this award for the highest placement by any female thrower during a 2019 World Axe Throwing League season. She placed 10th overall with a remarkable score of 1590 during the 2019 Fall Season earning a spot at the 2019 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship. Her prowess also earned her the victory in the first ever officially sanctioned World Axe Throwing League duals tournament in Colorado Springs during Throwdown Axe Festival.

2019 Season: Fall
Season Score: 1590
Season Placement: 10
Throwdown Axe Festival Duals Champion
WATC Placement: Top 32

Bull Master – John Bradley

During the course of the 2019 World Axe Throwing League fall season John Bradley called every killshot available. This left John with 224 bullseyes as the max number he could hit during league play. John Bradley hit 98% or 219 out of 224 bullseyes across 28 games and 7 weeks of play, a number that borders on the word ludicrous. Included in his unprecedented fall season was 14 perfect games.

2019 Season: Fall
Bullseyes Available: 224
Bullseyes Hit: 219
Bullseye Percentage: 98%
WATC Placement: Top 24

Killshot King – Benjamin Edgington

This award was presented to the thrower with the highest number of killshots hit during a single 2019 season. Benjamin Edgington finished the 2019 fall season tied with John Bradley for the overall points lead at 1658. With 42/56 successful killshots and a 75% success rate Ben takes home the title of Killshot King.

2019 Season: Fall
Killshots Called: 56
Killshots Hit: 42
Killshot Percentage: 75%
WATC Placement: Top 16

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