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WATL US Open Prizes

To the victor goeth the spoils! Honor and glory are perfectly fine prizes to receive upon an axe-throwing conquest but the World Axe Throwing League wants its champions to have something a little more….tangible. That’s why the prize purses are going to be huge in the first ever WATL US Open Axe Throwing competition this weekend!

So here is what you can expect to walk home with when you are crowned on the champion’s podium:

Third Place:

You may have whiffed a throw or two in the main competition to keep you out of the first place running, but hell’s bells did you rally at the end! Your performance is something to be marvelled at and we appreciate your participation in our competition. Have a cool $500 to set up your personal target in your backyard (or office, Human Resources approval pending) to come back next year and grab the top spot!

Second Place:

Now were talking! They say second place is the first loser, but it’s hard to feel like a loser when you’re walking home with $750 dollars of cold hard cash in your pockets! You were just shy of axe-throwing nirvana, but the competitive hunger within you drives you to come back next year to take the top prize. In the meantime, this should be enough to bolster that bitcoin portfolio you keep bragging to your friends about, right?

Trick Shot Competition:

You styled on some fools.  You mastered every way to throw an axe possible! We hope that our Axcalibur Trophy Axe will be something you proudly place above the fireplace mantelpiece to show off to all your friends and family.

We’re happy to unveil the prize for the U.S. Open trick shot competition. Axcalibur! Don’t forget to sign up for the Open by clicking the link in our bio! #WATL #WATLopen #trickshot #axethrowing

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First Place:

Are you sitting down? Because we’ve got a lot on offer for the top thrower in our WATL US Open. You owned the competition from the moment you set foot in the lane. There’s no denying you your rightful place on the top of the podium. While we don’t have a literal crown to crown the champion with, we hope the silvery WATL Champion ring will be something you wear with pride!

Fist bump away, as you’ll be the envy of people’s knuckles for miles around.

Come win the U.S. Open Championship ring! 🏆💍💪 Spots to compete are limited so sign up soon! Link in our bio! ↖️ #WATL #axethrowing #Chicago #WATLOpen

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But we want to show how much we love a champ. How about something on top of a dope ring? Something to the tune of:


That’s right, the grand prize not only includes a ring but also five stacks of high-society! If you’re so excited and you just can’t hide it, join the conversation on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and brag about how you’re taking home the cash this year. Rules and ticket purchasing can be seen on the WATL website. Can you hear the crowd screaming your name yet?

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