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The World Axe Throwing League comes to ABC news!

ABC 7 news’s Jesse Kirsch recently took a trip to WATL affiliate, Bad Axe Throwing in Chicago and featured the World Axe Throwing League!


They even mentioned our Global reach, from Mhaxado in Brazil to Tom’O”Hawks in Ireland!

“People have been wielding axes for fun in Canada, Ireland and Brazil in recent years too. But this fall, the international axe throwing community comes together. Establishing the World Axe Throwing League, many throwing centers will use uniform rules for competition. “…You’re going to be able to track your progress against all of those axe throwers,” added Patterson.”

“Come December, the world’s best will face off for a prize of $3,500 and global bragging rights.”

Remember the World Championship and Fall League starts the week of October 9th so there’s still time to sign up with your local WATL store! When you join an axe throwing league, you’re not just competing against others or honing your technique. You’re joining a community of rad people who share a love of throwing sharp objects with a side of friendly competition.

Also coming soon are official World Axe Throwing League axes! You can expect to see these axes come in toward the end of October!

Thousands of WATL certified axes, fresh from the factory. 🏭 ⛏ Available soon. #axethrowing #worldaxethrowingleague #watl #axes

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Remember, this doesn’t mean that all locations are required to use these axes, but we’re hoping to help out all WATL members by offering these as an alternative to axes bought at the hardware store.

Just as a refresher on the requirements of what are legal axes to use.

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