WATL City Profile: Philadelphia - World Axe Throwing League


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WATL City Profile: Philadelphia

The next stop on our trip around the axe throwing world is Philadelphia. What some consider to be the mecca of axe throwing competition, Philadelphia and its surrounding area has the largest representation of talent in this years World Axe throwing Championship of anywhere in the world.

Philadelphia’s Top Talent

The undisputed top region of 2019, Philadelphia has taken home the title of every premier World Axe Throwing League event of the year. Completely dedicated to the sport of axe throwing, a group of the city’s top throwers rented out a garage and set up axe throwing targets to practice almost daily.

Mike Kump

Highest League Score: 1638
Top Tournament Placing: Winner Throwdown Axe Festival 2019, US Open 2019
Lifetime League Bullseye %: 94.3

John Bradley

Highest League Score: 1518
Top Tournament Placing: Winner AngryWood 2019, US Open 2018
Lifetime League Bullseye %: 87.4

David Cycon

Highest League Score: 1488
Top Tournament Placing: Winner Canadian Open 2019
Lifetime League Bullseye %: 91.1

Will Gelatko

Highest League Score: 1638
Top Tournament Placing: 4th Throwdown Axe Festival 2019
Lifetime League Bullseye %: 93.5

Elliot Rosario

Highest League Score: 1580
Top Tournament Placing: Top 16 Throwdown Axe Festival 2019
Lifetime League Bullseye %: 85.6

Vin Crescenzo

Highest League Score: 1600
Top Tournament Placing: Top 12 Throwdown Axe Festival 2019
Lifetime League Bullseye %: 88.5

Steven Malvey

Highest League Score: 1526
Top Tournament Placing: 3rd Canadian Open 2019
Lifetime League Bullseye %: 85.5

Honorable Mentions: Jeff Schick, Shady Vito

World Axe Throwing League Affiliates in Philadelphia

Chopper’s Hatchet House

Located across the Delaware River in Cherry Hill, NJ, Choppers is a mainstay of the WATL. With 5 representatives from Chopper’s already qualified for the 2019 World Axe Throwing Championship it is sure to put up a strong showing this December in Tucson. You can find Choppers at 1490 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. Gritty made a stop by the Choppers mobile targets over the summer and showed some pretty solid axe throwing prowess!

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Gritty getting his axe throwing in at the #philadelphiaflyers Alumni Fantasy Camp . . #choppershh #choppershatchethouse #axethrowing #axes #hatchetthrowing #hatchets #gritty #grittygetsit #flyershockey #flyers #nhl #philadelphiaflyersalumni #flyersalumni #ducktown #backduck

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Throw House

Joining the World Axe Throwing League in January, Northern Philadelphia’s location for axe throwing, Throw House has a strong contingent of throwers and full leagues each season. Throw House is located at 1121 Ivy Hill Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19150. Thus far both Will Gelatko and Vin Crescenzo have qualified for the World Axe Throwing League through Throw House. Canadian Open champion David Cycon also competed at Throw House this spring.

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Congratulations to @vincrescenzo for winning 🥇 our summer ⚒ league 2K19 and qualifying for the World Championship in Tucson, AZ!

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The City of Philadelphia

  • Home of the world famous Philly Cheesesteak.
  • The Philly Phanatic almost didn’t exist! There was a proposed name change in 1940 to the Philly Blue Jays.
  • Philadelphia houses the oldest Zoo in America, founded in 1859.
  • The city is home to more than 2,000 outdoor murals on building facades.
  • Philadelphia has 11 major sports championships, the first in 1948 when the Eagles won the Super Bowl and most recently when they won again in 2017.
  • In true axe throwing community fashion, the city of Philadelphia is affectionately named “The City of Brotherly Love”

Next week we’re off to The Windy City, Chicago. Home to a large concentration of World Axe Throwing League affiliates, the people of Chicago really love to throw axes!

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