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The 2022 Inaugural Venue Cup

In 2022, WATL reduced the amount of time between seasons, to end the year earlier, leaving more time for Worlds bid earners to plan and book their trips. As a result, there is a 2 1/2 month gap between the end of the Fall season, and the beginning of the Winter 2023 season.

The league team within WATL came up with an idea to keep throwers engaged in competition through this ‘off-season’, which we have dubbed, the Venue Cup.

The Venue Cup is intentionally designed to be a competition for players that do not earn a 2022 WATC bid.

We strongly encourage WATC bid earners to play, and help the other throwers in their venues train and improve their game!

Venue Cup Overview

  • The Venue Cup is a 4-week competition, beginning November 6th, and ending December 4th, 2022
  • Each week, the top 3 and bottom 3 scores from each participating venue are averaged, to create a weekly average score for each venue
    • Throwers that earned a bid (accepted or otherwise) will not count as a top or bottom 3 player if they are participating
    • An ongoing leaderboard will be published, ranking each venue by their weekly average
  • After  week 3 is completed, the first 3 weeks averages for a venue are averaged again, to create the venues overall average to beat.
  • The final week (the 4th) is thrown just like every other week. The top 3 and bottom 3 scores are averaged together and compared to the FIRST 3 weeks’ average.
  • The winning venue is the one that BEATS their first 3-week average by the the largest margin on week 4

As you can see, the goal here is to focus on players improving their scores over the 4 week period, creating an even opportunity for throwers of all skill levels to rise to the occasion of the Week 4 competition.

Basic Rules

  • This is a hatchet league competition only.
  • Any league starting the week of November 6th will be counted as participating in this competition. If you want to notify WATL of your venues intent to play, you can register here. 
    • Venues MUST participate in Week 1 to be registered for this competition
  • The minimum number of throwers that can form an official league is the same as regular league play – six (6)
    • There is no maximum number of throwers for a league
    • Only players that complete 4 or more games will be counted towards the minimum
  • In the case that a venue is short players for a single week (sickness, injury, etc) that drops them below 6 participants, for each player they are “missing” they will receive an automatic average score of 52 added to their venue average for the week.
  • Venues may run multiple leagues, and players may play in multiple leagues from the same, or other venues, there are no restrictions for this
    • If a venue runs multiple leagues – the scores from each league night will be combined to find the top 3 and bottom 3 players overall from that week
    • With that comes the possibility that a thrower participating in more than one league at the same venue may have multiple scores in the top or bottom 3 – this is allowed
      • **NOTE that after further score modelling is performed, this may be subject to change**
  • In the 4th week, at LEAST 80% (rounded up) of all players that have completed 4 or more games in weeks 1-3 MUST participate and log their scores. This is to prevent venues from just putting up their top players to beat their average in the final week. Any venue that does not meet this threshold for participation will be disqualified from winning.
  • WATL has engaged third parties to monitor for intentional cheating (hippodroming, sandbagging). Each player’s score will be monitored to ensure it is within a set tolerance based on their scoring history. If any player or venue is found to be intentionally throwing lower scores in an effort to lower their overall average for week 4 will be immediately disqualified.

Host Venues

Location Address City Contact
Angry Jacks Elkton 985 E Pulaski Hwy Elkton, MD
Angry Jacks Exton 15 E Uwchlan Ave Exton, PA
Angry Jacks Pville 420 bridge st Phoenixville, PA
Angry Jacks 77 Wind creek blvd Bethlehem, PA
House Of Hatchets 489 Bearse’s Way Hyannis, MA
The Hatchetbury 213 NW 8th Avenue Gainesville, FL [email protected]
Big Dawgs Axe Junkies 331 North Lake Street. Suite A Madison, OH (440) 855-7920
Crazy Axes 228 Columbia Road Hanover, MA [email protected]
Adirondack Axe 578 Aviation road Queensbury, NY
Cascadia Axe Co 5681 Crater Lake Hwy. Ste 4 Medford, OR
Savage Society axe throwing 1937 Cooper Foster Park road Amherst, OH [email protected]
HATCHET HANGOUT – Axe Throwing St Pete 2360 Central Ave, Petersburg, FL 33712 Saint Petersburg, FL
HATCHET HANGOUT – Axe Throwing Clearwater 709 N Myrtle Ave Clearwater, FL
Main Street Axe Company 215 S. Wall Avenue Joplin, MO [email protected]
Asgard Axe and Tap 714 Oak St Wisconsin Dells, WI [email protected]
Axes&Armor 4005 Raeford rd Fayetteville, NC (910) 491-1233
Axe Habits Palmetto Bay 9228 SW 156 St. Miami, FL [email protected]
Real Ax 2920 S MacArthur Blvd Springfield, IL
Murfreesboro Axe 211 W Main Street Murfreesboro, TN
Lumberjax Urban Ace Throwing 2808 Niles Avenue Saint Joseph, MI [email protected]
Main Street Axe Company Emporia 616 Commerical Street Emporia, KS (620) 778-5291
Grand Throw House 361 Lang Blvd Grand Island, NY (716) 404-9987
Jersey Axe House 52 E Centre Street Nutley, NJ
Main Street Axe Company 216 S. Broadway Pittsburg, KS (620) 266-1685
Texas Axe Throwing 23300 i45 Spring, TX
Section 715 Throwing Co. 3248 Meccca Dr Plover, WI [email protected]
Big Dawgs Axe Junkies 331 North Lake Street, Suite A Madison, OH (440) 855-7920
Bighorn Mountain Axe 303 Broadway St. Unit B Sheridan, WY (307) 675-6293
Valkyrie Axe Throwing 45 E Main St, Suite 108 Chattanooga, TN (423) 541-7583
Jersey Axe House 52 E Centre Street Nutley, NJ
Litchfield County Axe House 437 S Main St Thomaston, CT litchfieldcounty[email protected]
FlagTagAZ 1801 W Route 66 STE 102 Flagstaff, AZ
RelAxe Throwing 157 Gay St Manchester, NH
Rockstar Axe Throwing 3402 Technological Avenue, Suite 148 Orlando, FL
Plaid & Timber Axe Throwing Company 2710 Eastside Park Road, Ste C Evansville, IN (812) 402-0390
The Lazy Axe 1865 Central Ave Albany, NY
Raging Smart Axes 401 N. Main Street Gravois Mills, MO [email protected]
Unleashed Camden 258 Haddock Rd Kingsland, GA
Ox Indoor Axe Throwing 119 Rhea Lane Billings, MT
Hurling Hatchets 12344 Gulf Freeway Suite L Houston, TX [email protected]
Craft Axe Throwing Downtown Knoxville 119 W Fifth Ave Suite 150 Knoxville, TN (865) 213-9494
TommyHawks Axe House 1631 W. College Street Springfield, MO
The Axe House STL 20 Meremac Valley Plaza Dr Valley Park, MO [email protected]
Tjs hatchet hangout 1242 SW Pine Island Rd #19 Cape Coral, FL [email protected]