World Axe Throwing League New App Update April 12, 2019


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New App Update April 12 2019

As many of you have now seen, our new app is up and running with the first week of the Spring Axe Throwing League! But as with all new technology, there are always improvements to be made, especially just after it gets in the hands of the users for the first time. Thankfully we’ve been able to make so great strides in making sure everything is running 110% smoothly with the new app update.

04-12-2019 Release Notes:


Player Cards and Personal Records

New Player Cards, Personal Records UI & Killshot % fix

Fixed issue with player cards displaying updated profile pics


Fixed stats

Killshot count is fixed.  This also fixes Call % and Hit %

Avg Score & Avg Throw fixed

Fixed Detail Scoring, now adds up to 100% (+/- 1 for rounding errors)

Fixed Detailed Killshots section with Killshot fix



Added pagination to the Global Leaderboard, showing 50 per page.


Other fixes

Player profile updates (Name/Pic) are transferred to the host’s league section and propagate to leaderboards as games are saved

Stats validation script to monitor stat accuracy

Saving killshots

Image loading for venue list to improve performance

Other minor UI tweaks

One last thing to note. Make-up throws are done AUTOMATICALLY by the app. Do not create manual matches for people who miss a week. It will automatically be in the queue the following week when they are checked in.
2) If a player missed the first week (you’re allowed to miss 2 weeks) and you need to register them in, you can simply add them to your roster during week 2 and the app will create 8 matches for them during week 2.

Please share the knowledge among your venues if your coaches/friends have questions on how make-up throws or missed weeks work.

This is one of many updates we’ll continue to push out as time goes on. We have many plans for a lot more fantastic updates for our affiliates and players as time goes on. But for now, we’re happy that we’ve had a super positive response and we will continue to work every day to make it better!

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