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July 10 - 12

Compete to win part of the $14,000 pool and a chance at
the World Championship!

We will be holding the first even Ironside Open Tournament this year! Welcome back to Des Moines to feel the thrill of victory and rush of adrenaline you get when you win a spot for the World Axe Throwing Championship!

The tournament will host all three styles of league play, Standard, Duals, and Big Axe!


Standard League

Top 4 winners earn a spot in the 2020 World Championship

1st - $4000

2nd - $1875

3rd - $750

4th - $375

5th-6th - $150

Big Axe League

1st and 2nd place earn a spot in the Big Axe World Championship

1st - $750

2nd - $375

3rd - $200

4th - $100

5th-6th - $75

Duals - Per Team

1st and 2nd place teams earn a spot in the Duals World Championship

1st - $500

2nd - $250

3rd - $150

4th - $100

5th-6th - $75



Ironside Axe Club 2700 University Avenue Suite 100 West Des Moines, Iowa

Friday, July 10th

7 pm - 8 pm

Registration & Meet and Greet

SATURDAY, July 11th

9 am 

Standard Check-in and Announcements

10 am - 2 pm

Standard Tournament

2 pm - 2:30 pm

Big Axe Check-in and Announcements

2:30 pm - 5 pm 

Big Axe Tournament

6 pm 

Duals Check-In

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Duals Tournament

SUNDAY, July 12th

Tournament Finals in all Divisions

Initial registration is FREE. Eligible competitors who win the lotto draw to attend will be sent invoices.

Tournament pricing:

$80 USD - Standard Tournament

$30 USD/person - Duals Tournament

$50 USD/person - Big Axe Tournament

We will have two pools for the random lotto draws. Each entrant that has expressed interest in the Ironside Open will receive extra ballots depending on the factors below:

Please note: Individuals who submitted their name with multiple/various emails or used an alias for their real name on top of their regular name submission to get more ballots in the draw were removed from the ballot and not considered.

Register Now!

This tournament will be in Des Moines, IA!

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