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International Axe Throwing Day – 2022

International Axe Throwing Day, June 13th 2022, is just around the corner! IATD is a day to celebrate and promote all aspects of axe throwing with throwers around the world.

For the last 2 years, we have celebrated IATD with WATL World Records: 2020 most axes thrown simultaneously at a target, and in 2021, set the record for most consecutive bullseyes. This year we are shifting gears to focus on connecting with throwers from all over the world.

On Monday, June 13th, we will be live streaming Around the World matches with throwers from all around the world! 

The Women’s Axe Council will be hosting the stream and interviewing throwers from around the globe while they compete head to head in a QATL style Around the World match. 

The hosts will be taking live questions so be sure to tune in to ask yours.

We have hand-selected throwers from around the world to participate in the livestream event.

Lloyd BombellNew Zealand
Tabitha Fisher & David CarrollOhio
Marie-Sophie BoggaschAlaska
Melody RohalySouth Carolina
Fran Lopez Virginia
Michael BartonTexas
Jordan DoyleNova Scotia

How To Watch:

The livestream will begin at 6:00pm EST. 

Tune in to the WATL YouTube Page to watch!

Celebrating IATD At Your Venue:

As IATD falls on a Monday this year, we recommend that you run other events and competitions throughout the weekend prior (June 10-12).

Please reach out to your local venue, to see what activities are being offered

You can also host a viewing party on Monday evening for the Around the World livestream! 

Be sure to use the hashtags #IATD and #IATD2022 when posting to social media!