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Best of World Axe Throwing League Social Media: January 2020

Have you missed out on following some of the most active locations and the hilarity of some of our members on social media? We love to highlight the creativity of everyone in the WATL so if you’ve got something you think everyone should see make sure to message us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll check it out! Here’s some of the best posts from around the World Axe Throwing League to start off 2020.


The Flip’n Axe Crew is still holding down the trickshot game! Should we hold some official trickshot competitions?

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The "Chef" and the "Jester" are two of my favorite trick shots so I thought I'd combine them into the "Jester Chef" #theflipnaxe #axethrowing #watl #trickshot #trickshots

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One of the craziest robin hood throws we’ve ever seen! 😮

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First time throwing Duals with @jtsmith5 @urbanforestaxehouse last night and this happens. Hard to top a 12 pt Robin Hood. #bolingerknifetool #bolingersknife&tool #urbanforestaxehouse #axejunkies #axethrowing #axe #hatchet #hatchetthrowing #watl #worldaxethrowingleague #nationalaxethrowingfederation #natf #robinhood #watlduals #dualaxethrowing #dualaxe #axelife

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Vin hit his first official 64 in League play 🙌

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Picked up my first official 64 tonight! Going 100% Kill Call this season has paid off! • #watl #worldaxethrowingleague @worldaxethrowingleague

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Check out these crazy custom hats for a thrower at Got Wood 🤯

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Check out this amazing hat pimped out WATL style by @aresleatherwerx for our own @axetraordinarily_cheezy Hit up Evan at @aresleatherwerx for your own customized hat! #leatherwork #hat #watl #worldaxethrowingleague #familyfun #gotwoodaxethrowing #jenksoklahoma #fun #thingstodointulsa #axethrowing #tulsaaxethrowing #tulsa #throwingaxes #dickthebeaver

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We welcomed 19 new affiliates to the WATL to start the year!!!

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Starting off the year right with a second set of affiliates in January! We don't plan on slowing down any time soon. 2020 is already planned to be the biggest year yet and we're just getting started 😮 • 🎯 @urban_tomahawk 🎯 @palmetto_axe 🎯 @ozarkaxehouse 🎯 @yosemiteaxethrowing 🎯 @lumberjack_axe_throwing 🎯 @jacksplitaxethrowing 🎯 @eatplaythrow 🎯 🎯 @bladeandbullchs 🎯 @liveactiongamesqc • Where do you think the WATL needs to expand to next?

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Bad Axe had some Canadian federal party leaders in to throw axes 🍁

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We had the Singh brothers pop by in Ottawa last night! 😮🎯 Thanks for taking some time out of the busy schedule to throw axes with us! @jagmeetsingh @gurratansingh @ndpcanada

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Everyone is in love with their new axes ❤️

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I think I’m in love #badaxethrowing #badaxe #watl

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Skål doing a great job showing off their awesome team members!

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MEET OUR TEAM! Name – Joe Position – Axe Coach His Fun Fact – Joe was formerly Ranked number 72 in the world in NBA 2k! Skål #gcaxe #gcaxethrowing #watl #downtownbiloxi #skal

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Everyone started to get their trading cards! 😍

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Thanks to @bullzeye_cards I am now a FREAKING TRADING CARD! How cool is that right? #AxeThrowing #WATL #AxeLife #athlete ? #TradingCard #Cleveland #AxeOut #Ohio #classaxethrowing

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Lumberjax giving us a quick anatomy lesson 😂

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2020 RESOLUTION TIP – Go Ban (#6🇯🇵) – know your craft. know yourself. in the wise words of schoolhouse rock – “knowledge is power” achieving goals is quantifiably easier, when you know what makes you tick and how things can work to help bring success.

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We learned about more Humans of Axe Throwing!

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"My mother was my hero. She found out she had mesothelioma from the asbestos in her work building. This amazing woman, found out she was going to die in just six months but vowed to have one more Christmas with her children, she died one month later. She learned her husband, my adopted father, was cheating on her and leaving her. She lost her home, children and was losing her life. Yet she found such fortitude and powered on. She planned her own funeral, picked out her casket and clothing. She made a box for each one of her children and we went to have our last photos taken. She took diamonds from her wedding band and had a custom made ring created for each one of her children. I had worn my ring for so many years the prongs wore down, one of our fantastic league members fixed it for me. I can now wear the ring from my mother everyday. I learned mental fortitude and personal strength from my mother, Ruthie. She was only in my life from the age of 3-11 but made a lasting impact that I attempt to live up to each day to make her proud of me. My mom never missed my swim meets, ever. I knew that she was the first person I would see after coming up from the water. She would watch me practice every day, a few months before she passed, a man was smoking on the complete other side of the pool from my mother, she had an oxygen tank and I was told any fire or heat source could ignite her tank. In my 5'9" 80 pound swimmers frame, I launched out of the pool and ripped into this guy for smoking near my mom, he was over 100' feet away, but I was my moms protector. Harry apologized and put it out, Harry and my mother became great friends. A few days after my mom passed away, I was at swim practice and came out of the water, my mom was not there, that it when it all hit me that she was gone. At my husbands funeral, I saw someone that looked familiar, it was Harry. He had promised my mom that he would look after me from afar. Harry had attended every single one of my swim meets, this poor guy I chewed out and telling him he was going to "blow up my mom" watched me as he had promised my mother. My mother had such an impact on so many lives." AJ Hughes, Tucson, AZ

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Did we miss some awesome stuff from your local axe house? Let us know! We can’t keep track of all our incredible affiliates, there isn’t enough time in the day. As always check out The World Axe Throwing League on Instagram and Facebook or join our Facebook Group for awesome discussion, posts and community stories!