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Axe Throwing comes to the Tonight Show

Remember Ed Ames and Johnny Carson throwing axes a few decades ago on the Tonight Show? Well last night, Academy Award winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence appeared on The Tonight show and brought small axe throwing back with an axe throwing competition with Jimmy Fallon!

Though not sporting the official World Axe Throwing League Targets, they used the prop cowboy target that was once used, decades ago, back when Johnny Carson was the host with Ed Ames teaching him axe throwing.

They ended up going for the best of three throws. Which Jimmy Fallon learned very quickly as he soundly defeated the veteran thrower, Jennifer Lawrence. Check it out below!


Where did she find out about axe throwing? Well, WATL member Flying Axes introduced her to the sport!

A big thanks to Jennifer Lawrence for the shoutout on Jimmy Fallon! We had a great time throwing axes with you! You should come back, you could use the coaching/practice 😏 For the record she was rocking bullseyes when she was with us..) // @jimmyfallon @fallontonight

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A very cool shoutout and another step on getting our beloved sport into the mainstream!

Ed Ames would be proud.

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