2023 USA Pro-Am Champions

November 17th, 2023

Thank you to all of the competitors and supporters who came to Appleton, and participated in the 2023 WATL USA Pro-Am Championship. It was an incredible event that saw players competing in not only the backbone events of this sport but also unique ones that challenged them at all levels. 

This event, unlike any previous, was designed to showcase all the sport has to offer. It was intended, more than anything else, to highlight the amateurs in the sport – the up-and-comers that will soon be taking the sport by storm. It was ultimately THEIR weekend – while injecting FUN and community building, bridging any perceived divide between newer and veteran throwers. Our own Amateur Champion, Erik Rimblas, says it best: “Anyone who attended and still thinks there is any major divide wasn’t paying attention.”

Without further ado, here are your champions!

Amateur Hatchet Champion – Erik Rimblas

Pro Hatchet Champion – Brett Jariabek

Twisted Duals Champions – Flo Bros (John Doepke & Tyler Flynn)

Pabst Blue Ribbon “6 Pack” Champions – Kyle Rickenbaugh (Captain), Mike Kump, Tasia Cobbs

Relay Champions – Dan Ceballos (Captain), Jeremy Hanna, Brian Lawson

Overall Skills Champions – Dylan Teets (Captain), Joe Flaugher, Krissy Teets

There were 8 World Championship bids up for grabs for the Amateurs at this event, so congratulations to the following competitors for earning their bids:

Erik Rimblas
Vincent Ingallinera
Matthew (SheepToast) Colavecchia
Logan Keehn
Austin Shepperd
Vincent Bryant Sr.
Bradford Goodwillie
Stjepan Richtaritsch

It would be a mistake not to recognize those individuals who may not have won this time but came very close. A huge congrats for their accomplishments and stellar performances! For a full breakdown of placements for each discipline, check out the standings below.

Thank you again to everyone who made this event possible, especially our competitors. It was a long weekend, it was a cold weekend, but this sport wouldn’t have the heart that it does without you!