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2022 US OPEN

All competitors have been given access to the players portal in their acceptance email.

Please refer to it as your primary source of information.

256 Axe Throwers

$25,000 Prize Pool

Finals Aired Live On ESPN

The US OPEN is taking place from July 14-17 in Minneapolis, MN.

US Open events will be hosted at BAD AXE Throwing City Center and Northeast Locations.

This page will be the primary resource for all US Open information and will be updated as more information is released.

Please see the sections below:

  • Schedule of Events
  • Parking Information
  • ESPN Broadcast
  • How to Compete
  • Submission Timelines
  • Player Fees
  • WKTL US Open

Schedule of Events

All Times Are Displayed As Local Time
Locations are referred to as:
Bad Axe Throwing City Center Mall — CITY CENTER
Bad Axe Throwing Northeast – NORTHEAST

Swag bag and jersey pickup starts Friday at 8:00am (for WKTL) and 9:00am (for WATL) at City Center check-in desk. Swag and jerseys are only available for pick-up at the City Center location.

Thursday, July 14th

3PM – 10PMPractice AvailableNortheast
5PMMeet & GreetCity Center
6PMTeam MeleeCity Center

Friday, July 15th

8AM – 8:45AMWKTL Check-In and Warm-UpCity Center
9AMWKTL City Center
3PM – 3:45PMBig Axe Check-In and Warm-UpCity Center
4PMBig AxeCity Center
12PM – 10PMPractice AvailableNortheast

Saturday, July 16th

8AM – 8:45AMHatchet Check-In and Warm-Up throwsBrackets 1/2 – City Center
Brackets 3/4 – Northeast
9AMHatchetBrackets 1/2 – City Center
Brackets 3/4 – Northeast
3PM – 3:45PMDuals Check-In and Warm-Up City Center
4PMDualsCity Center

Sunday, July 17th

10AM-11AMVendor MarketBroadcast Arena
11:30AM – 1:30PMWKTL Broadcast
Doors close at 11:15AM
Broadcast Arena
2:15PM – 4:15PMWATL Broadcast
Doors close at 2:00PM
Broadcast Arena
4:30PM – 6:30PMPost Broadcast Party & Vendor FairCity Center


City Center

  • The parking garage address entrance is 10 S 7th Street – Minneapolis, MN (marked in green on the image below)
    • Located on the right-hand side of the street just past the Marriott Hotel and just before Hennepin Ave
  • Parking validations will be available at the Bad Axe City Center Bar for throwers that will charge a flat $7 fee. 
  • Payment is credit card only in the garage
  • In order to use the validations please pull a ticket upon entering the garage, when exiting you can pay at any of our three pay stations located in each level’s elevator lobby or at the exit gate
  • To pay at the pay stations or at the exit gate insert the ticket you pulled when entering and then scan your validation to bring the total to $7; after paying take the ticket with you and enter it into the machine at the exit gate and the gate will open


  • Parking is available only in the spots in front of Bad Axe Throwing. 
  • All surrounding parking is private business and cannot be used.
  • Overflow parking will be on Taft Street NE
  • Refer to the image below for approved parking areas.

ESPN Broadcast

The finals will be televised via ESPN from the Broadcast Arena in the City Center Mall (located across the hall from Bad Axe Throwing).

  • A Vendor Market will run in the Broadcast Arena space from 10AM to 11AM. 
  • WKTL – Seating for the WKTL broadcast will start at 10:30 and doors will close at 11:15. The WKTL competition will run from 11:30-1:30.
  • The Vendor Market will resume between broadcasts from 1:30-2:00.
  • WATL – At 1:30, spectator seating will be cleared to allow crews to change over to the WATL competition set. Spectators will be allowed to seat again at 2:00 – no saved seating. Doors will close at 2:00 and the WATL competition will run from 2:15-4:15.
  • AFTER PARTY – A post broadcast party and vendor fair will move to Bad Axe Throwing across the hall. Pizza, hot dogs, snacks, and refreshments will be served from 4:30-6:30.

The ESPN Broadcast will not be airing live the same day. Air dates and times are listed below:

July 24th at 11a-1p on ESPN2 (Premiere)July 31 at 1p-3p on ESPN2 (Premiere)
July 31st at 11a-1p on ESPN2 August 1 at 8p-10p on ESPN2

How to Compete

All Entries Are Now Closed

WATC/US Open Invitations

In each discipline, top WATC 2021 competitors will get invitations to the US Open. The previous 2021 US Open Champion in each discipline will also get an invitation.

If any invited thrower or duals team cannot attend, their spots will be converted into additional lottery draws.

Open Lottery

In order to qualify for the lottery, you must have:

  • played in a Sanctioned WATL league (marathon or standard) in the past calendar year (not including Spring 2022)
  • OR competed in a WATL Sanctioned tournament between March 28, 2021 and March 28, 2022.
    • Sanctioned tournaments include: Tier 3, 4 or 5 in 2022, a Sanctioned Major or Local tournament in 2021

The lottery is be available to everyone who meet the requirements above. All Open Lottery spots will be decided randomly in a live-streamed draw.

Only one lottery submission per thrower will be accepted per event.

Subsequent entries will be removed from the lottery consideration.

Throwers may only apply for entry with a single duals team.

Both throwers in a Duals team need to register separately; only 1 lottery entry for your team will be considered in the draw.

The Lottery is now closed.

Standard Hatchet

128 Total Throwers

96 Open Lottery Spots

Top 32 Placements in WATC Standard Hatchet

All Standard Hatchet Participants
Abel SlinkerJoshua Horner
Al BraunKatelyn Garrow
Alex EversonKathleen Wiley
Alex MartinKayla Trones
Alison KozisekKev Fang
Andy SeiboldKyle Duff
Angela Aj JensonKyle Speelman
Anthony RamirezLandon Withers
Austin LueckeLogan Childers
Austin Scott BrogdenMachi Cossio
Baubak DowlatshahieMark Bradley Bloom
Ben ParkerMark Dubynsky
Blake GneitingMark Mirasol
Braeden FarmerMark Thomas
Brandon BloyerMark Tishko
Brett WilliamsonMartin Baird
Brianna RichmondMathew Ball
Brock CarterMatt Hurtt
Brock GruenbergMatthew Allen
Carmella RoseMatthew Barela
Casey FaulknerMichael Barton
Chad Marshall PinnixMichael Day
Chase HendersonMichael Engstrom
Chris DonofrioMichael Grenier
Colby DeanMike Kump
Colin BlythMike Zitzke
Brian CollinsMikel Philabaum
Colton WalserMolly Flynn
Daniel BasicNicholas Guthrie
Dave AlvisoNick Doane
David AbernathyNick Hayes
David CarrollNick Kolomyja
David CyconPatrick Ray Scott
Dean BergPeter Belanger
Dean CooperRachel House
Delbert PierceRandall Spillman
Desserrae ZankowskiRobert Keller
Dustin RastocanRobert Young
Dustin WellmanRoger Melendrez
Dylan TeetsRon Crumpler
Gabriel GardnerRyan Cauley
Garrett GneitingRyan Gustin
Hayden BrownRyan Smit
J Robert RankinSara Zitzke
Jacob Perkins IiScott Brindle
Jacob SiroisSean Edwin Beamish
Jacque MartinSean Tumilty
James SichmellerSheryl Casarez
Jason KearneySmith Aaron
Jason PottsStephen Marshburn
Jave YoshimotoStephen Thorgerson
Jay CharleboisTabitha Fisher
Jay SunThomas Hayes
Jeff CopeTim Valliere
Jimmy GrindleTommy Runkel
Joe FlaugherTy Schiefer
Joe JohnsonTyler Flynn
Joe RitaccoTyler Seidel
John DoepkeVail Cook
John PriceWesley Powell
Jonathan JolleyWill Gelatko
Jordan TaskerZach Crawford
Joseph D DevineZak Silva
Joshua Heake

Big Axe

64 Throwers

48 Open Lottery Spots

Top 16 placements in WATC Big Axe

All Big Axe Participants
Abel SlinkerAngela AJ Jenson
Anne SchellAshley Pope
Austin HusomeAustin Luecke
Benjamin GaddyBrandon Schell
Brian BerryBrittany Barton
Brock GruenbergDave Alviso
David CyconDavid Gann
Dean BergDelbert Pierce
Devon CalderonDevon Simpson
Dustin WellmanEric Schiesl
Erica LedesmaGregg Ward
Jave YoshimotoJay Charlebois
Jennifer HumphriesJohn Doepke
John PriceJonathan Jolley
Joseph MillerJoshua Russo
Kathleen WileyKraig Allen
Kristen DetzLeslie Wellman
Logan ChildersLucas Johnson
Manny KohlMark Mirasol
Mark TishkoMatthew Boles
Michael BartonMikel Philabaum
Nick HayesNick Kolomyja
Patrick Ray ScottRandall Spillman
Rander MarquezRandy Hempel
Rhonda EatonSam Arias
Sara ZitzkeScott Emerson Phillips
Scotty ScottSeth Barker
Sheryl CasarezSteve Shimek
Tim ValliereTJ Schultz
Tobias MaceraTyler Butler
Tyler FlynnVail Cook
Vin CrescenzoWesley Powell


64 Teams

47 Open Lottery Spots

1 Spot for the 2021 US Open Winner*

Top 16 Placements in WATC Duals

All Duals Participants
Alex Martin & Jeb Bisset
Anthony Freeman & Enrique Pacheco
Austin Husome & Daniel Basic
Avery Taylor & Jacob Perkins Ii
Brad Crosby & Randy Hempel
Brennan Wozniak & Stacy Christiansen
Brian Rogers & Brodi Pursley
Brian Yelm & Donnie Yelm
Brianna Richmond & Shane Funke
Catalina Wiederholt & Phil Harryman
Catherine Spillman & Randall Spillman
Christopher Engel & James Blair
Colby Dean & Michael Theodorou
Connor Pedersen & Matt Parr
Dalton Ramsey & Ben Parker
David Cline & Brittany Cline
David Gann & Ronnie Patterson
David Lewis & Dustin Kerr
Donk Moses & Tim Fry
Dustin Spires & Aj Wilson
Dustin Wellman & Leslie Wellman
Ella Campbell & Rob Hamilton
Emery Wood & Andrew Kesterke
Erik Rimblas & Michael Titus
Francesca Lopez & Joseph Miller
Jason Yelm & Derek Mozdzierz
Jimmy Donald Garrey & Mike Hutchens
JT Malashevich & Sean Rameika
Justin Licht & Nico Rossetti
Katherine Charlebois & Jay Charlebois
Kelin Randall & Sean Tumilty
Kendra Kolomyja & Nick Kolomyja
Kevin Campbell & Josh Jelinek
Kyle Rickenbaugh & Ryan Gustin
Lucas Johnson & Hayden Brown
Matthew Perry & Leslie Renee Perry
Michael Barton & Samson Moore
Michael Moss & Andrew Moss
Michael Strudas & Sean Beamish
Mike Kump & Will Gelatko
Molly Flynn & Darrell Elisaia
Nick Doane & Scott Phillips
Patrick Ray Scott & Carlos Alosilla, Jr.
Ryan Cauley & Jeff Melton
Ryan Chilson & Nicholas Guthrie
Sasha Edwards & Colin Blyth
Scott Christensen & Raymond Province
Scott St Clair & Lisa Orten
Scotty Scott & Dwayne Salmon Jr
Smith Aaron & David Shikany
Stephen Marshburn & Amy Doane
Stephen Neal & Jason Kearney
Stephen Thorgerson & Zak Silva
Steven Messerschmidt & Trent Lilly
Tasia Cobbs & Trevor Cobbs
Tayo Paul Raymond Grasham & Samuel Arias
Thaddius Shipley & Wesley Powell
Thomas Antoniello & Tim Valliere
TJ Schultz & Tyler Schultz
Tobias Macera & Benjamin Edgington
Travis Blank & Allison Blank
Ty Ledesma & Ron Crumpler
Vin Crescenzo & David Cycon
Wayno Dub & Kathleen Wiley



55 – 2nd at venue$500
65 – 2nd at venue$500
75 – 2nd at venue$500
85 – 2nd at venue$500
99 – 3rd at venue$300
109 – 3rd at venue$300
119 – 3rd at venue$300
129 – 3rd at venue$300
1313 – 4th at venue$150
1413 – 4th at venue$150
1513 – 4th at venue$150
1613 – 4th at venue$150

Big Axe

33 – 2nd at venue$775
3 – 2nd at venue$775
45 – 3nd at venue$400
55 – 3nd at venue$400
67 – 4th at venue$300
77 – 4th at venue$300
99 – 5th at venue$200
109 – 5th at venue$200
119 – 5th at venue$200
129 – 5th at venue$200


33 – 2nd at venue$350
43 – 2nd at venue$350
55 – 3rd at venue$250
65 – 3rd at venue$250
77 – 4th at venue$150
87 – 4th at venue$150
Divided between teammates


$135 Hatchet 

$135 Big Axe

$60 Duals


Lottery Submissions Open


Lottery Submissions Close


Lottery Draw


Tune in LIVE at 6 pm EST

Final Day for Sponsor Submissions


Final Day for Jersey Orders

Accessible through the US Open Portal

June 1st – 11:59 PM EST


The WATL US Open will be running concurrently with the WKTL US Open.

With a $5000 prize pool and its own two-hour ESPN broadcast, the WKTL US Open will be an electrifying event!

Click the link to find out how to qualify.

WATL will follow all local Covid guidelines.