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2022 US OPEN

256 Axe Throwers

$25,000 Prize Pool

Finals Aired Live On ESPN

The US OPEN is taking place from July 14-17 in Minneapolis, MN.

US Open events will be hosted at BAD AXE Throwing.

This page will be the primary resource for all US Open information and will be updated as more information is released.

Please see the sections below:

  • How to Compete
  • Submission Timelines
  • Player Fees
  • WKTL US Open

Information regarding: event scheduling, jerseys, hotel accommodations, and more will be released shortly.

How to Compete

There are two ways to gain entry for the US Open

WATC/US Open Invitations

In each discipline, top WATC 2021 competitors will get invitations to the US Open. The previous 2021 US Open Champion in each discipline will also get an invitation.

If any invited thrower or duals team cannot attend, their spots will be converted into additional lottery draws.

Open Lottery

Updated 3/15/22 10:00am: In order to qualify for the lottery, you must have:

  • played in a Sanctioned WATL league (marathon or standard) in the past calendar year (not including Spring 2022)
  • OR competed in a WATL Sanctioned tournament between March 28, 2021 and March 28, 2022.
    • Sanctioned tournaments include: Tier 3, 4 or 5 in 2022, a Sanctioned Major or Local tournament in 2021

The lottery is be available to everyone who meet the requirements above. All Open Lottery spots will be decided randomly in a live-streamed draw.

Only one lottery submission per thrower will be accepted per event.

Subsequent entries will be removed from the lottery consideration.

Throwers may only apply for entry with a single duals team.

Both throwers in a Duals team need to register separately; only 1 lottery entry for your team will be considered in the draw.

The Open Lottery will close on March 28th at 11:59 PM EST.

The Lottery is now closed.

Standard Hatchet

128 Total Throwers

96 Open Lottery Spots

Top 32 Placements in WATC Standard Hatchet

Alex MartinMark Tishko
Austin LueckeMichael Barton
Braeden Farmer Mike Kump
Chaz BradyMikel Philabaum
Colby DeanNick Doane
Dave AlvisoNick Kolomyja
David CyconRobert Young
Dustin WellmanRyan Gustin
Garrett Gneiting Ryan Smit
Gary DayterTrae Theis
Ian MalpassTyler Flynn
Jeff CopeTyler Seidel
Joe RitaccoVail Cook
John DoepkeWesley Powell
Jordan WallWill Gelatko
Mark MirasolZach Crawford

Big Axe

64 Throwers

48 Open Lottery Spots

Top 16 placements in WATC Big Axe

Brandon SchellMark Mirasol
Brock Gruenberg Michael Dolan
Dave AlvisoMikel Philabaum
Dustin WellmanRander Marquez
Gregg WardTJ Schultz
John DoepkeTobias Macera
Joshua RussoTyler Flynn
Lucas JohnsonVin Crescenzo


64 Teams

47 Open Lottery Spots

1 Spot for the 2021 US Open Winner*

Top 16 Placements in WATC Duals

David Gann / Ronnie Patterson
Brian Yelm / Donnie Yelm
Kyle Rickenbaugh / Ryan Gustin
Lucas Johnson / Hayden Brown
Alex Martin / Jeb Bisset
Michael Barton / Samson Moore
Kendra Kolomyja / Nick Kolomyja
Tobias Macera / Benjamin Edgington
Vin Crescenzo / David Cycon*
David Lewis / Dustin Kerr
Ian Malpass / Shane Shepard
Thaddius Shipley / Wesley Powell
Colby Dean / Michael Theodorou
TJ Schultz / Tyler Schultz
Steven Messerschmidt / Trent Lilly
Mike Kump / Will Gelatko
Nick Doane / Scott Phillips



55 – 2nd at venue$500
65 – 2nd at venue$500
75 – 2nd at venue$500
85 – 2nd at venue$500
99 – 3rd at venue$300
109 – 3rd at venue$300
119 – 3rd at venue$300
129 – 3rd at venue$300
1313 – 4th at venue$150
1413 – 4th at venue$150
1513 – 4th at venue$150
1613 – 4th at venue$150

Big Axe

33 – 2nd at venue$775
3 – 2nd at venue$775
45 – 3nd at venue$400
55 – 3nd at venue$400
67 – 4th at venue$300
77 – 4th at venue$300
99 – 5th at venue$200
109 – 5th at venue$200
119 – 5th at venue$200
129 – 5th at venue$200


33 – 2nd at venue$350
43 – 2nd at venue$350
55 – 3rd at venue$250
65 – 3rd at venue$250
77 – 4th at venue$150
87 – 4th at venue$150
Divided between teammates


$135 Hatchet 

$135 Big Axe

$60 Duals


Lottery Submissions Open

March 14th – 12 PM EST

Lottery Submissions Close

March 28th – 11:59 PM EST

Lottery Draw

April 7th

Tune in LIVE at 6 pm EST

Final Day for Sponsor Submissions

May 2nd – 11:59 PM EST

Final Day for Jersey Orders

Accessible through the US Open Portal

June 1st – 11:59 PM EST


The WATL US Open will be running concurrently with the WKTL US Open.

With a $5000 prize pool and its own two-hour ESPN broadcast, the WKTL US Open will be an electrifying event!

Click the link to find out how to qualify.

WATL will follow all local Covid guidelines.