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2020 WATC Championship Fees

As the World Axe Throwing Championship Qualifiers quickly approach, we wanted to offer more information and give an update on fees that will be paid for everyone that qualifies for the 2020 WATC.

As previously stated, the following fees will apply to anyone wishing to throw qualifying throws:

  • Venues will charge a $25 qualification fee to all standard axe throwers, $15 for big axe throwers and $15 for duals throwers ($30 per team)
    • Venues must submit a $5 fee per thrower, per discipline, to the WATL. This is for processing, technology development and management/staffing costs

In addition to these fees, there are costs associated with participating in the WATC. In previous years, venues have been required to pay fees for throwers that qualified from their venue to attend the WATC. WATL has done as much as possible in recent years to decrease these fees and moving into the future, we hope to eliminate them as a burden from outside sources entirely. This year WATL has decided the best course of action is to split this WATC fee between the throwers and venues.

  • If a thrower qualifies for the 2020 WATC, they will be required to pay a $75USD participation fee
    • These fees will be applied for each event a thrower participates in. If a thrower qualifies in more than one discipline, the fee will be required for each discipline separately.
    • Duals fees will be split between competitors ($75/Team).
  • The venue in which they qualify or choose to represent (see previous blog posts for details) will be responsible for an additional $125 fee for the thrower’s participation
    • Venue fees will be capped at $375 in total.

This year’s World Axe Throwing Championship has the largest prize pool in axe throwing history of $50,000!