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The 2022 Commissioner’s Cup Tournament

We are extremely excited to announce a special competition for axe and knife throwing.

The Commissioner of WATL, Mike Morton, and the Commissioner of the World Knife Throwing League, Evan Walters, are hosting an invitational tournament for ESPN ‘The Ocho’ on August 5th!

For this special broadcast, we have invited prominent throwers to help curate a series of challenges that highlight many aspects of our favorite throwing pastimes. This event will not be the typical competition that viewers may have seen on our other broadcasts.

We are getting into the spirit of ‘The Ocho’ by playing fun, niche games that we have all on our own, but are not sanctioned games of WATL/WKTL. For a bit more detail on this fun competition read below or check out the announcement video done by the Commissioners!


Here are some details of the competitions you’ll be seeing!

Each team will be competing to gain the most team points. Each game has a set amount of points, that will be added to the team total throughout ‘The Ocho’ competition. The team with the most points at the end of the broadcast wins the Commissioner’s Cup!

1. Ambidex – 1 Team Point

  • 1 thrower per team
  • Throwing two axes simultaneously
  • 10 throws – switch sides after throw 5
  • If there is a tie after 10 throws
    • 1 round of Sudden Death
    • Must throw 1 axe with their off hand
    • Hit, or closest to the kill wins
    • If the Sudden Death throw is a tie, each team gains 1 point 

2. 1.5 Spin – 1 Team Point

  • 1 thrower per team
  • 10 throws – switch sides after 5 throws
  • Highest score wins (regular WATL game rules)
  • If tied after 10
    • 1 round of Sudden Death, 1.5 spin
    • If the Sudden Death throw is a tie, each team gain 1 point

3. Big Axe (Youth) – 1 Team Point

  • 1 youth thrower per team
  • Standard big axe gameplay – 5 throws
  • If a tie match should occur
    • 1 round of Sudden Death, 1.5 spin
    • If the Sudden Death throw is a tie, each team gains 1 point

4. Knife Duals1 Team Point

  • 2 throwers per team
  • 2 games will be played
  • 5 throws per teammate for a total 10 throws per team (per game)
    • Switch sides between games
  • Knives are not retrieved until the game is finished
  • Sudden Death
    • Gameplay ties are 1 round of Sudden Death – Duals Rules
    • If a game is still tied after Sudden Death – the game is considered a tie
    • If both teams win 1 game
      • Another single round of Sudden Death – Duals Rules
      • If there is a tie after 2 games, each team gains 1 point

5. Around the World Duals – 4 Team Points

  • 2 throwers per team
  • Teammates start at opposite sides of the board, moving inwards
    • They must land their axe in order of these scoring zones. 1 Point, then 2, then 3 , then 4, then 5, then bullseye and then Killshot.
  • The first team to finish the series wins
  • In the case of a tie
    • Up to 3 Sudden Death throws (Duals rules)
    • If still tied after all 3 Sudden Death throws, each team gains 4 points

The Commissioner’s Cup Team rosters.

Red Team
Josselyn Allen
Zach Crawford
Reese Dixon
Lucas Johnson
Melody Rohaly
Will Gelatko
Sean Hout
Blue Team
Emily Dygert
Anna Kohl
Travis Blank
John Doepke
Mark Mirasol
Fran Lopez
Mike Philabaum
Photos by Jesse Hummel of Throvv

A special thank you to Rachel Rowell of Blade & Boards and Kyle Rickenbaugh of Plaid & Timber Axe Throwing Company for volunteering as the Judges for this event, as well as Mike Kump and David Cycon who will be making their ESPN Commentary debut!

Be sure to check out ESPN for ‘The Ocho’ on August 5th.

The broadcast will be on ESPN2. More details coming soon!

If you would like to see the action in person and see the many other amazing competitions throughout the weekend, come support in person at the Rock Hill Sports & Event Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina!