The International Axe Throwing Day Wrap Up for 2018

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International Axe Throwing Day Wrap Up

International Axe Throwing Day Wrap Up 2018




Hear that? That’s the wonderfully musical sound of axes sinking in targets. Who was making these joyful noises? Y’all were! For our International Axe Throwing Day Wrap Up, a sincere thank you goes out to all who participated in our International Axe Throwing Day event across all WATL-involved clubs in North America this past June 13th.

Seriously, our customers are the best; they come happy (or angry, depending on how much stress needs relieving) and leave happier. With a quick search of the Instagram tags #WATL  and #internationalaxethrowingday to see pictures of the fresh bullseye faces across North America. This widespread fun wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a number of hardworking people, so we want to thank our current WATL affiliates listed here:

Our large turnout wouldn’t have been possible with y’all’s supreme hosting abilities and enthusiasm, so thank you again so very much! If you missed out on the free axe throwing, have no fear. Keep track of our current and future events (perhaps more free stuff on the horizon) here on our Facebook page or Instagram. Of course you are already on our news page but reach out to us with your email address for weekly updates on the going ons.

Tomorrow is the big day! Make sure to visit any of these WATL affiliates for International Axe Throwing Day and use #axeday to show how you’re celebrating! #WATL #axethrowing

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The best way to get your axe throwing fix in the meantime is to make a booking with us! Price varies by location, but all site bookings offer you 2 ½ hours of axe throwing goodness with your own axe coach and personal lane! Bring a banner, bring some balloons, bring some booze, we want you to have a blast! Our coaches at each site will also have more information about our World Axe Throwing League or you can read up yourself on our WATL website. So stretch your shoulders, flex your core, and make good use of that standing desk at work to get ready to throw some axes for your next group outing at an urban axe throwing location near you!

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