How to Draw Axe Throwing Targets

July 27th, 2023

This article may contain outdated information, for the most up-to-date rules, please check out this page

Our friends at Bad Axe Throwing have made a short video detailing some tips on drawing the target boards for league standard play.


This weeks instructional video comes from Bad Axe Throwing and has some tips and trips on making your target boards!

Posted by World Axe Throwing League on Tuesday, September 12, 2017



  1. First you should line up your boards together.
  2. Measuring from the sides of your middle board measure and mark 4.5 inches
  3. Measuring from top to bottom measure where 24 inches meets
  4. Mark where those to measurements meet
  5. On that mark drill in a screw with your WATL official target protractor/stencil attached
  6. Then with a black marker use the holes to mark in the stencil to mark each circle making sure they are 1 inch thick
  7. Color in the center target circle red to show where the bullseye is
  8. Then inside the 1 point ring mark a 3 inches diameter spot 45 degrees (on the right hand side) and 135 degrees (on the left hand side) from the bullseye. (The inside of a standard duct tap roll works perfectly for this)

In the end you targets should look similar to this one below. Thanks to Rockaxe City Throwing Club for the photo.

This video comes just in time for because 2017 Fall season is quickly approaching! This season we will be crowning the Axe Throwing World Champion! (which includes a cash prize!) So make sure you contact your local WATL affiliate store for information on how you can compete! We’ll be posting more information very soon.