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Presenting the first Axe Throwing World Championship Trophy

This October kicks off the first  World Championship. From the 23 companies in WATL, and over 30 locations around the world, one winner will be crowned the World Axe Throwing Champion and win $3,500 and a trophy that will make the Stanley Cup jealous.


We had artists from three different countries collaborate to create the first World Axe Throwing Championship Trophy! 🎨⚒🏆At the end of this season one person will be the world champion and receive this monster trophy. It’s bigger than the Stanley Cup! 😱💪 #WATL #trophy #worldchampion #axethrowing #worldwide #1stplace🏆 #therecanonlybeone #champion #woodworking #woodburning #woodcarving #artists

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Being a worldwide organization we reached out to three wonderful artists, each from a different country,  that we knew could carry our vision into reality.

We knew we had to have something that rivaled other great trophies from around the world but with features true axe throwers could appreciate.

We knew we had to have a wooden trophy because without wood, there would be no axe throwing! We went to our favorite resident Canadian wood burning expert, Chris Burns.

Fun #tiki themed axe #woodburning #pyrography #axethrowing #champstiles @old.block

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He was able to construct a base he could burn with a section up top for an awesome custom axe. After assembling an awesome base for us we needed a distinctive design to really make the trophy pop.

We then reached out to world renowned typographer and designer, Tomasz Biernat of Poland.

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He instantly was able to identify a fitting design for the first ever World Championship trophy. His unique designed coupled with Chris Burns, pyrography made for a triumphant base for the finishing touch.

The WATL Championship is coming up! Leagues kick off the week of Oct 9th. In preparation for the World Championship, here's a work in progress of what the top of our trophy is going to look like. Beautifully hand crafted #axe 😍😍😍 #WATL #worldaxethrowingleague #axethrowing

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Completed by Anatoly Skobiak of the USA, the WATL axe makes for an impressive crown to the top of our trophy. His axe work is bar none to any you may find.

#Engraving #viking #axe #hatchet #dragon #celtic #norlund #style #metalengraving #handengraving #vikingaxe #vikinghatchet #vikingdragon

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The trophy itself standing at a little over four feet tall is quite a site to behold. We are very proud of the world these artists have done to make a truly stunning image for the first ever World Champion of axe throwing.

You can follow each of these artists at their respective websites

Axe Maker, Anatoly Skobiak


Visual Designer, Tomasz Biernat


Pyrographer and carpenter, Chris Burns


Who's gonna win the World Axe Throwing League Championship and this beauty of a trophy. 😱 #WATL #worldaxethrowingleague #axethrowing #champion #trophy

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