2022 WATL Circuit Points Reminder

July 27th, 2023

Please be sure that your circuit points are all up to date on your profile in the leaderboards.

We wanted to provide an end-of-year update to all the competitors who are attempting to keep track of the circuit points for the 2022 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship. We would like to remind all competitors to check over their circuit points on their profiles to be sure they’re up to date properly. If there are issues we have details below on how to submit them but when reviewing your circuit points, as a reminder, here’s how circuit points are awarded for Leagues and tournaments.


  • Your highest scoring official league that is listed on the App Leaderboard
    • e.g. if you played 2 standard and 1 marathon league in Winter. In those leagues you scored 1444, 1501, and 1532 respectively, you will only get CP for the 1532 score


As of October 3rd, 2022, please note that the Mason Dixon Throwdown, Far Throw, and Fight for Mom tournaments have not yet been assigned. Other than those 3 tournaments everything should be assigned.

If you find any issue with your circuit points please use the report option on youre axethorwing.org profile as shown below.

For Duals you c an find the reporting location here below on yoru team page.

For players with Duplicate IDs

We understand that some players have duplicate IDs and sometimes they aren’t synced up. For those who have more than one Player I.D. on the leaderboards please note:

  • It is the PLAYER’S responsibility to identify any duplicate IDs that may have circuit points assigned.
  • If you need profiles merged, contact the app team via your Duals profile shown in the above example.
  • Please let them know your Name, All the ID’s, and the ID that is the primary one to be merged to
    • Please note if you are merging an ID that is not your primary, but is used in a DUALS team, also note that in the email

The cutoff for any circuit points corrections is October 16th.

Any submissions before October 16th at 11:59:59p.m. eastern standard time will be reviewed and corrected to make sure all circuit points are accurate.

Any requests received after the cutoff will not be able to be actioned, as Circuit points are automatically locked on October 17th

Please understand the app team may take longer than expected responses due to a large workload prepping for WATC but all inquiries submitted before the cutoff date will be addressed as quicikly as possible.