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2020 World Axe Throwing Championship Update & Qualification


The top qualifying scores for each discipline will receive a bid to the 2020 World Axe Throwing Championship. 
In the case of a tied score, the thrower with the most overtime killshots hit will receive the higher rank. 
In the case of a tied score and tied number of overtime killshots, the thrower with the earliest placement of overtime killshots will receive the higher rank. i.e. Player 1 hit first killshot on throw 1 and Player 2 hit first killshot on throw 3, Player 1 will rank higher. 
In the case of a tied score, tied number of overtime killshots, and tied placement of overtime killshots, the higher number of regular killshots hit in scoring play will receive the higher rank.

Number of bids to be awarded for qualifying throws:

  • Standard Axe: 72
  • Big Axe: 32
  • Duals: 32

The number of bids for qualifying throws are approximate and dependent on upcoming tournament outcomes.

We wanted to give everyone an update on how we will be allowing players to qualify for the 2020 World Axe Throwing Championships. Due to heavy disruptions in play this year we have an excess of bids to award before the 2020 Championships.

We have had conversations with ESPN and will definitely be hosting the 2020 World Axe Throwing Championships as scheduled (Dec 4th-6th). The host venue has not yet been announced but we hope to solidify that in the next few weeks.

Here is an overview of the bids we are still have left to distribute:

  • Standard Axe Bids Remaining: 63
    • This number could possibly increase to 85 if we are unable to safely run Fall Leagues
  • Big Axe Bids Remaining: 32
    • This number could possibly increase to 44 if we are unable to safely run Fall Leagues
  • Duals Bids Remaining: 30
    • This number could possibly increase to 42 if we are unable to safely run Fall Leagues

We have decided the most fair and equitable way to distribute the remaining bids is through an Open Qualification.

An Open Qualification is where WATL venues host dedicated dates & times for throwers to participate in qualifying throws for a chance at a World Championship bid.

Here is the specifics for the World Championship Open Qualification:

  2. All scores must be submitted on or before the deadline of September 28th
    • We will be setting up the software, rules and everything venues need to submit scores
    • We will only accept scores and submissions using the official WATL app
  3. Venues are free to hold Open Qualification throws at any point from September 14th to September 28th (whenever is most convenient for venues)
    • Venues are responsible for communicating scheduled times to their patrons, throwers or interested parties
  4. Venues will charge a $25 qualification fee to all standard axe throwers, $15 for big axe throwers and $15 for duals throwers ($30 per team)
  5. Throwers will be allowed only one score submission per discipline
  6. All venues will have a WATL Certified Judge on staff at all times during qualification
  7. Venues are not required to host qualifications for all disciplines on the same day or at the same time; it’s completely up to the venues discretion, but they must communicate it with their throwers/community
  8. Full scores will not be published until after the deadline on September 28th
  9. All throws must be recorded on video as backup or in case an audit is required (this is the responsibility of the thrower, venues are encouraged to help facilitate this)
  10. If a thrower qualifies in this manner the venue agrees to represent them at the 2020 WATC
    1. Exceptions could be made if the thrower wishes to represent a different venue that hasn’t been able to reopen due to COVID-19
    2. Players wishing to represent a different venue must have played a sanctioned league in that venue and it must be within 1 hour from their home

As an FYI: The number of qualifying throws will be as follows, Kill Shots will be mandatory on every 5th throw:

  • Standard Axe: 50 Throws + 10 Overtime Kill Shots
  • Big Axe: 25 Throws + 5 Overtime Kill Shots
  • Duals League: 30 Throws + 5 Overtime Kill Shots

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