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Official axes are coming soon!

The members of the World Axe Throwing League have this goal in mind—to raise awareness and unify the sport of urban axe throwing. It’s not surprising that axe throwing is trending and growing in popularity internationally. We’re happy to announce that we have taken another step toward that goal by announcing that we will soon have official World Axe Throwing League axes!


It's a thing of beauty. ⛏ 😍 #axethrowing #WATL #axe

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It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve spent months working to bring the WATL community an axe that will work perfectly to help standardize the sport of axe throwing! Now this doesn’t mean that all locations are required to use these axes, but we’re hoping to help out all WATL members by offering these as an alternative to axes bought at the hardware store.

Just as a refresher on the requirements of what are legal axes to use.

All WATL certified axes must confirm to the following standards:

  1. The axe head must weigh between 1 and 1.75lbs.
  2. The blade on the head should be between 4.25” inches and 4.75″ inches long.
  3. The handle may be made of wood, steel or plastic and length be at least 12″ inches long, including the handle in the eye of the head of the axe.
    1. The length includes the top head of the axe where the wood is inserted, to the bottom of the shaft.

If you’d like to read more information on the official World Axe Throwing rules, including the axe regulations, you can find them here.

WATL certified axes. Coming soon. #axethrowing #WATL #hickory #axe

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We were hoping they’d be here in time for the fall league (Which starts the week of Oct.9) but we ordered over two tonnes of axes so sadly they won’t be that soon. The good news though, is these axes can be expected to come in toward the end of October!

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