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Welcome the Members of the World Axe Throwing League!

We want to welcome the members of the World Axe Throwing League!

We’re partnering with these awesome indoor urban axe throwing facilities to establish universal rules and regulations for the sport of indoor axe throwing. Our World Axe Throwing League members will collaborate to standardize the scoring and points tracking system, throwing distance, throwing techniques, axe throwing championship rules, and everything in between. Currently, we have members from Canada, USA, and the UK.

Here are our amazing members from Canada: Bad Axe Throwing, Far Shot Recreation Inc., Mick’s Axe Throwing, The Wood Shed, Minotaur Sports, Maxemus Axe Throwing, TimberjAXEFriendly City Axe Throwing, and Jack Axes.

Here are our wonderful members in the US: Flying Axes, The Axe Pit at Maine WarriorChill Axe Throwing, and STL Axe Throwing.

And our very first members from the UK, Axe Club & Tom O’Hawks!

For a limited time, we’re still welcoming all indoor urban axe throwing facilities who want to be a member of the World Axe Throwing League!

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