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The final entrants into this year’s Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship have been decided. Due to 4 of the Fall League Top 12 holding wildcard spots and 1 other existing wildcard being unable to make the trip those spots were returned. The final two waitlist members from the original drawing were given wildcard spots: Jonathan Aide Heaps and David Duncan. In addition, three more names were drawn by the commissioner to fill the remaining wildcard spaces. The three recipients drawn from the pool receiving wildcard bids are: Jake Collins, Dru Stoeffler and Storm Morales.

Zach Crawford

Location: Throw Nation Dublin
Total Score: 1644
Average Score: 58.7
Bullseye Percentage: 93.4%
Wins: 27
Consecutive Bulls: 28
64’s: 3
Additional Achievements: Top 12 – US Open 2019, Top 32 – AngryWood Open 2019

Zach exploded into the World Axe Throwing League posting back to back seasons over 1500 points. A 1644 is good enough for third overall in the fall season behind John Bradley and Benjamin Edgington. Zach also placed in the top 12 of a stacked US Open lineup during his first major tournament appearance.

Ryan Siegfried

Location: Bad Axe Throwing Oklahoma City
Total Score: 1618
Average Score: 57.8
Bullseye Percentage: 88.9%
Wins: 28
Consecutive Bulls: 7
Additional Achievements: Top 32 – US Open 2019, Top 48 – Throwdown Axe Festival 2019

Ryan finished just behind Zach at 4th in overall points through the fall season. Ryan took home the Regional Championship at Bad Axe Throwing in Oklahoma over good friend and fellow Worlds attendee Eric Prater in the upper bracket final.

Jules Mondeau

Location: Splitting Timber Tucson
Total Score: 1610
Average Score: 57.5
Bullseye Percentage: 88.1%
Wins: 26
Consecutive Bulls: 15

Philippe Lachance

Location: Bad Axe Throwing Toronto
Total Score: 1596
Average Score: 57
Bullseye Percentage: 92.2
Wins: 24
Consecutive Bulls: 30

Ryan Smit

Location: Tribal Axe
Total Score: 1596
Average Score: 57
Bullseye Percentage: 87.8
Wins: 27
Consecutive Bulls: 10
Additional Achievements: Top 48 – US Open 2019, Top 12 – AngryWood Open 2019

Ryan moved up 141 spots from Summer to Fall from 150th overall to 9th. Arguably the most impressive statistical improvement of any thrower during the World Axe Throwing League in 2019. Ryan also wrote a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to improve at axe throwing headed into 2020.

Jay “Sun” Ver Hoven

Location: The HUB Stadium
Total Score: 1594
Average Score: 56.9
Bullseye Percentage: 90.2
Wins: 27
Consecutive Bulls: 11
Additional Achievements: Top 64 – US Open 2019

John Hout

Location: ReLaxe Throwing
Total Score: 1590
Average Score: 56.8
Bullseye Percentage: 83.9
Wins: 28
Additional Achievements: Top 8 – US Open 2019, Top 16 – AngryWood Open 2019

John finished a throw short of making a television appearance at this year’s US Open, losing out to the hometown hero Manny Kohl. Not to be outdone John came roaring back with an impressive 1590 point season secure a comfortable spot in Tucson.

Mario Zelaya

Location: Bad Axe Throwing Burlington
Total Score: 1588
Average Score: 56.7
Bullseye Percentage: 87.5
Wins: 28
Consecutive Bulls: 6
Additional Achievements: Top 6 – Canadian Open 2019, Top 32 – US Open 2019, Top 12 – AngryWood Open 2019

World Axe Throwing League founder Mario Zelaya put in the practice and changes to his throw that elevated his game to its current caliber. An appearance on ESPN during the 2019 Canadian Open sparks hopes of a repeat headed in the Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship.

John Hughes

Location: Halimac Kentville
Total Score: 1587
Average Score: 56.7
Bullseye Percentage: 85.3%
Wins: 26
Consecutive Bulls: 10

Paul MacInnis

Location: Halimac Halifax
Total Score: 1584
Average Score: 56.5
Bullseye Percentage: 86.4
Wins: 28

Paul MacInnis is the owner and operator of Halimac Axe Throwing, the host of the 2019 Canadian Open. Posting a pair of  Fall League scores above 1580 in both Halifax and Kentville, Paul qualifies on his 1584 out of Halifax.

Tom Lickliter

Location: Splitting Timber Tucson
Total Score: 1584
Average Score: 56.6
Bullseye Percentage: 83.8%
Wins: 26
Consecutive Bulls: 40
Additional Achievements: Top 48 – Throwdown Axe Festival 2019

Brandon Schell

Location: Bad Axe Throwing Denver
Total Score: 1572
Average Score: 56.1
Bullseye Percentage: 82.1
Wins: 25
Consecutive Bulls: 11
Additional Achievements: Top 24 – Throwdown Axe Festival 2019, Top 64 – US Open 2019

The fourth member out of Bad Axe Throwing Denver to qualify for the main event in Tucson, Brandon sits among much respected company.

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