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2021 Second Pro League Cycle: List of Pros

We will be entering the Second Cycle of Pro League starting on July 1st, 2021.

The Pro League is a qualifying system that helps to identify and recognize the top competitors for Standard Hatchet competition. The players listed below exemplify the highest level of skill in the sport of Axe Throwing.

They will have to meet the qualifying standards in order to maintain their Pro League status throughout the year.

Members of the 2021 Second Pro League Cycle:

37 Members from the Top Pros from the First Pro League Cycle

  1. Mikel Philabaum
  2. Colby Dean
  3. Michael Theodorou
  4. Lucas Johnson
  5. Dan Ceballos
  6. Ian Malpass
  7. Shane Shepard
  8. Kyle Rickenbaugh
  9. Garrett Gneiting
  10. Tyler Lalka
  11. Joshua Russo
  12. Mark Mirasol
  13. Vin Crescenzo
  14. Steven Messerschmidt
  15. Dustin Wellman
  16. Michael Moss
  17. Michael Barton
  18. Zach “Zeus” Crawford
  19. David Cycon
  20. Ryan Gustin
  21. JT Malashevich
  22. Tyler Flynn
  23. John Doepke
  24. Brandon “Ice Cream Man” Schell
  25. David Kulikowski
  26. Jules Mondeau
  27. Manny Kohl
  28. Nate Hodges
  29. Jeb “Swashbuckler” Bisset
  30. Ron Crumpler
  31. Kyle “Maverick” Bower
  32. Sam Carter
  33. Miguel “Coyote” Tamburini
  34. Mike Kump
  35. Will Gelatko
  36. Andrew Moss
  37. Scott Phillips

32 Members from the Pro Open Qualifier

  1. Dan Brynildsen
  2. Steve Middleton
  3. Jacob Shisler
  4. TJ Schultz
  5. Travis Wilson
  6. Seth Catron
  7. Anthony “BeardGang” Szymkowiak
  8. Robert Young
  9. Tim McKenzie
  10. Alex Martin
  11. Todd Perdas
  12. Mike Coombs
  13. Jorge Sanchez
  14. Nick Smallwood
  15. Rob Allen
  16. Paw Paw Miller
  17. Vail Cook
  18. Leslie Wellman
  19. Scott Biddle
  20. Daniel Basic
  21. Anthony Kechter
  22. Joshua Taylor
  23. Ryan Lane
  24. Ashley “Valkyrie” Bower
  25. Fynnlan Ridge
  26. Dante Colamarino
  27. Dave Miller
  28. Reid Welsh
  29. James Waldrop
  30. Logan Dean
  31. Suzanne Bassett
  32. Nick Rich

16 Qualifying Throwers who have a Killshot call rate of 50% or more from the Previous Cycle.

  1. Gary Dragon Dayter
  2. Robert Carlsen
  3. John Bradley
  4. Dakota Smith
  5. Jason Yelm
  6. Ryan Chilson
  7. George Bessey
  8. Nick Guthrie
  9. Michael Harris
  10. Hayden Brown
  11. Travis Blank
  12. Mark Tishko
  13. Tony Luce
  14. Roger Melendrez
  15. Josh Edlin
  16. JB Singleton

12 Members for Canada & Global Players

Due to the current and varied levels of reopening in Canada and the Globe, we will now be running these Pro Open Qualifiers, ending September 1st.

If you reside outside of the US, and have already thrown in your Pro League Qualifier and did not qualify for Pro League, your scores will be counted toward these 12 additional spots. We will be announcing the Canadian and Global Pro League Spots on September 7th. 

How To Maintain Pro League Status

  1. Throwers must abide by all WATL Rules & Regulations, including but not limited to, the Code of Conduct
    1. Any gross misconduct will result in forfeiture of Pro League status
  2. Throwers must complete 1 WATL League Season per Pro League Cycle
    1. If a player does not have a WATL venue within a 2 hour total travel distance from their primary residence or their local venue is unable to produce enough players for subsequent seasons
      1. Where travel is defined as driving, ferry, but does not include public transportation or air travel
  3. Pro League members must throw Killshots in at least 50% of instances during league play
    1. Players may choose which matches and which throws to throw a Killshot
    2. Players must finish each season with at least 28 Killshots attempted during league play
    3. This applies to each sanctioned league that the Pro player participates in.
      1. i.e. Player competes in sanctioned League A and League B at different venues, or on separate nights at the same venue. Player must complete League A with 28 Killshots and League B with 28 Killshots; not 28 Killshots between the two leagues