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World Axe Throwing League and ESPN 2020 Airing Dates

The World Axe Throwing League announces today the official ESPN 2020 airing dates for competition. With three competitions set to hit the airwaves again in 2020 it was important to ensure we let everyone mark their calendars early to set the DVR. Axe throwing has been so well received on ESPN we continue to race forward with our schedule in 2020.

Bad Axe Throwing Waterloo

The WATL 2020 Canadian Open will air May 3rd from 7PM to 9PM on ESPN 2.
The WATL 2020 US Open will air September 13th from 9PM to 11PM on ESPN 2.
The 2020 World Axe Throwing Championship will air December 13th from 9PM to 11PM on ESPN 2.

All events will also be aired live on ESPN 3.

The Canadian Open will take place April 24-26 at Bad Axe Throwing in Waterloo, ON. The US Open at The HUB Stadium in Detroit, MI from September 4-6.

The 2020 World Axe Throwing Championship will occur December 4-6 at a yet to be announced location.

The HUB Stadium

A big thanks to ESPN for continuing to help us push the sport of urban axe throwing to those with televisions everywhere! We’re committed to bring the best coverage of the sport to living rooms across America and beyond.