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WATL Certified Real Estate Program

WATL is proud to announce our new Certified Real Estate Program. 

Real Estate is the foundation of any successful Axe Throwing Facility and through our program with Springboard Corporate Real Estate Solutions, WATL is able to help set our Affiliates up for success, from the ground up.

Whether you are opening your first location or trying to expand your business, the WATL Certified Real Estate Program will be able to provide expert real-estate advice to any Axe Throwing entrepreneur. 

Springboard has a proven track record of brokering deals and providing essential support for Axe Throwing Facilities in multiple countries. In fact, they have completed more Axe Throwing real estate assignments than any other real-estate company in the world.

Springboards services include:
  • Market Research
  • Site Selection
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Transaction Management
  • Lease Administration

We’re happy to finally be able to provide these services to our Affiliates, as these are questions we receive on a daily basis. WATL is incredibly excited to be able to support the further growth and development on the Axe Throwing community.

If you are interested in starting an axe throwing venue or are looking to expand and would like professional help, please click the button below and fill out the Google Form and a real-estate professional from Springboard will get back to you within 1 business day.

Bill Aldridge, the CEO of Springboard adds, “Our team has helped some of the biggest names in the industry expand and find new locations. We look forward to sharing our knowledge, insights and sophisticated approach to securing, negotiating and guiding entrepreneurs in the axe throwing industry. I’m confident that no one does it better.”

PLEASE NOTE: WATL has negotiated with Springboard and there will be no cost for WATL members to utilize their services. It is available, free of charge, to WATL affiliates. All you have to do is fill out the form.