Introducing the new WATL Council and its Ambassadors

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Introducing the WATL Council

We have an exciting new development for the World Axe Throwing League (WATL). We’ve decided to organize a World Axe Throwing League Council.  The WATL council members (WATL Ambassadors) will be assisting the Commissioner as a special review and advisory council for WATL issues and changes. These founding ambassadors and were hand-picked by the President and the Commissioner of WATL to cover the most amount of different experiences as possible to provide a wide variety of insight. They also have shown great merit in the community not just to WATL but to axe throwing overall.  We believe that each one of them has shown the qualities that will help progress the sport of axe throwing to the next level.

Without further ado, meet the WATL Council

Cara Fritz

A proud Lady Blade! Cara has been throwing axes for just a few years now. She coached for a while at Bury the Hatchet before being promoted to Axe Master General.  She throws every single day and loves competing and teaching people how to throw. Also hanging with all the members of the extended axe family.


Sean Boyle

Hailing from a small community in the “Wesht” of Ireland, the dreams of foreign soil and spirit of adventure ran deep through his veins from an early age. He’s made it his mission to undertake the challenge of growing the various disciplines of Axe Throwing not only in Galway at Tom O’Hawks and the West of Ireland, but on the World stage with WATL.

To add to this, recently, They’ve also become a part of the Double Bit Axe Throwing community and can proudly say Galway will be hosting the Irish Open in September 2019.  He is delighted to be a part of WATL and an organisation that has the vision to see where this sport is going. The close-knit community, the passionate competitors, he sees this sport making a positive impact and rewarding so many people that experience it.


Michael Moore

Adventure! Excitement! Mike “Rupert” Moore craves these things. Since urban axe throwing started in the U.S. over two years ago, Mike has been a major influence in the sport, business and most importantly the community. He continues to be a top competitor while always pushing the field around him to be better. The passion and pure energy he brings to the sport is contagious.


Benn MacDonald

Benn was born in Toronto Ontario, and currently resides in Orangeville Canada. He has been throwing Axes since 2016 and began to coach Axe Throwing in 2017 after opening his own Axe Throwing Range, Far Shot Recreation. At the end of 2017, Benn helped prepare his competitors for the World Axe Throwing League’s World Championship, where Chris Morning, one of Benn’s top competitors, finished in first place. After the World Championship, Benn has pushed his competitors to perform better and has tried to develop new ways to improve. He has enjoyed watching the sport grow and develop.


 Evan Walters

Evan has been working in the background of WATL operations until being promoted to Commissioner of WATL early 2018. He has worked tirelessly to achieve the mission of WATL in growing and strengthening the sport of urban axe throwing internationally by building relationships with all hoping to join the world of axe throwing. Since he’s joined, he’s helped take this organization from having single digit affiliate membership to over 75 affiliates in 13 countries. He also helped foster a new partnership with the International Knife Throwing Hall of Fame. He believes the sport of axe throwing is only just beginning, and with this group of passionate Ambassadors, he feels WATL is moving even farther along into making axe throwing a household sport.


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